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EP Review: Echo Park – Deluge

Five piece rock band from Guilford, Echo Park, are heading towards great things with their EP released in August entitled Deluge.


The EP kicks off with a banger of a song called Circles, which is really upbeat with a great little guitar riff at the start. The guitar riff mixed with the drums, for me, has a real U2 feel to it which I simply love and can’t seem to get enough of.

As Circles comes to an end, This Life is the next track to greet my ears. Although not as energetic as the first song, This Life is still a very good song to listen to whilst dancing around your bedroom. The vocals are brilliant and really convey emotion very well which is sometimes hard to do.

The third track, Shadow Days does a magnificent job of making me feel like I’m lurking in the shadows. It’s a mixture of the fast pace music to match a racing heart beat and the vocals sounding secretive that makes me feel like a criminal mastermind whilst listening to this song. In this track it feels as if Echo Park are experimenting and putting their own touch on the rock genre to make it sound dangerous – it works.

The final song of the EP called Miles is a calm and gentle song which rounds up the EP very nicely and brings it to a soothing end.  If Echo Park were to play this live, I could easily imagine the crowd holding their lighters above their heads and swaying from side to side.

It’s a powerful song, even though it’s not as ‘in your face’ as the previous three, it still demands your attention, which I find really good in any song.

Having listened to the EP, I can safely say that Echo Park have done themselves proud. They are a band that sound quite clean cut, but their EP Deluge is a very nice mix of a variety of songs, with a high quality of production.

Check out their video for Circles

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