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EP Review: Defazed – Am I Dreaming?


It’s eerie, it’s atmospheric, it’s the track Am I Dreaming  from neurofunk drum and bass producer Defazed.

The track which is the first of four originals on the Am I dreaming  EP which was released 30.10.12 sounds cold and paranoid. It makes the listener uneasy, creating a paranormal feeling and lots of suspense. This is before a drop breaks right through the anxiety, a wave of energy almost changing the entire feeling of the track before the eerie sounds join the mix once again.

Following the end of Am I Dreaming  we come to Limitless and the title is pretty right in depicting the sound of the track. We’re met by long, ambient, vocal samples ushering in the spacey track. Melodies accompany a regular beat, keeping the track stomping on without being overly busy. Limitless  feels, well, limitless. It feels much more free and it’s a welcome vibe after the highly tense and twitchy Am I Dreaming.

The third track Lucid Construct is as titled, the more lucid song of the EP. It’s not as eerie as Am I Dreaming, yet not as relaxed as Limitless, it’s a solid central track with some well-crafted sounds. That’s not to dispute the running traits of these genres which means that loosely there are still those eerie, almost sci-fi-like sounds mixed with some energetic drops.

The final original track November Lights is my personal favourite though. It’s filled with crescendos, held synthesisers and has an arcade feel to it. Not to say that it sounds like an Atari soundtrack, but it has certainly got that intense feeling of escalation as if you’re trying to get to the next level to it. That’s in addition to the incredibly well shaped and put together basslines, which are really hard hitting.

Creativity for a track is one thing, but to be able to craft the sounds as Defazed has done here is no small feat. It’s remarkable how many incoherent sounds have been specifically picked out and meticulously put together piece by piece to create entire basslines, which not only sound great but are inventive and refreshing to hear.

The Am I Dreaming EP is one in which production has been a case of quality and not quantity. With each track present on the EP you can hear the time spent making it and the different avenues that Defazed has explored in order to take the listener on a journey, as well as creating a few tracks which quite simply make you move. The tracks have even been relevantly titled, which isn’t usually something that is so obvious.

It’s filled with energy, it’s great for getting a room going, it’s technically of a high quality and also it’s pretty damn funky – What’s not to like?

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