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EP Review: Clayfeet – Inbetween EP


Artist: Clayfeet
Album: Inbetween EP
Tracks: 5
Release Date: 2nd July 2014
Label: Independent

Synth-based alternative pop is something which can be produced in a number of different ways, but I was a little surprised when I first listened to Clayfeet’s Inbetween EP, and with good reason.

The Hungarian trio have created something which is both sombre, yet colourful with this EP and it’s quite an intriguing fusion of sounds.

Right from the opening track Goodnight Friend, there is a sense of darkness, with vocalist, Babra’s voice being almost lazy. It sounds like Babra is reluctantly telling sad stories throughout the EP, as she predominantly sings softly to the point that it feels as though she’s mostly speaking throughout the release. There’s a sense that the sentiment behind the lyrics is very real and still very relevant, something which makes the EP feel very authentic, especially with lyrics such as “I don’t need you now, goodbye friend, goodbye friend” being sung.

However, there are also moments at which the more pop-sounding elements come into play. The track Restart the Universe has a little more vocal variety on it, including more melodic and catchy parts. When Babra sings “Who’s going to come tonight, it’s in the clouds, its in the rain.”, it really displays what direction the vocals could be taken in if they were opened up a little more and weren’t so sorrow-sounding.

In terms of production, the synthesiser soundscape is reminiscent of the 80’s synth-filled releases. It can be dark, spacey and at times a little cheesy-sounding. That said, it’s produced well and the layers between deep bass-filled sounds are peppered with intricate higher notes, which create a sense of depth within the music, something which goes very well with Babra’s deep and emotive vocal style.

Overall, the Inbetween EP is has been put together well and feels like it has very genuine songs, which I personally think is a large part of making music. That said, I do also think that there’s a lack of song variety and with the entire EP being very sad-sounding, it’s quite a heavy listen. Sure there are occasional moments that are more melodic and upbeat, but the entire release is hazed in a dark-sounding honesty. I would say that there’s less pop and more alternative to the Inbetween EP and whilst it’s a good quality release, it’s not something that I think would be very good to dance to in a live setting, but is good to listen to.

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