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EP Review: Blood Indians – Blood Indians

EP Review: Blood Indians – Blood Indians

Artist: Blood Indians
EP: Blood Indians
Tracks: 3
Release Date: April 2014

If you like The Cranberries, and you’re looking for an extra bite, you’ll love Dundee-based band, Blood Indians. They cite influences such as First Aid Kit, Warpaint and Lykke Li. Blood Indians blend ethereal vocal harmonies, with dark, compelling guitar lines and driving rhythms. The band, which began as Joanne Forbes and Rowan Wright, has recently grown in number to become a four piece with support from a new bassist and drummer. The EP is a three track affair that is begging you to get lost in the beautiful vocal harmonies. Like the Cranberries meets Laura Marling, it’s a grungier kind of folk. The EP is beautifully produced and has been released by Gardyne Studios.

The first track, Cold Caller, has driving deep bass pushing the reverb-drenched vocals and guitar lines which remind me of a surf-rock Quentin Tarantino film sound track. It is catchy and Rowan and Joanna’s voices are sweet relief from what is arguably quite dark music. The drums crash through the track towards the end creating an epic crescendo.

The second track I Lie has their trademark folky sound and the vocal line has a lilting, mournful sound. The synth really helps to build layers in their music as well as lots of heavily multi-tracked vocal parts. Their sound is often defiant, yearning and tumultuous. The band are experts at creating lyrics with strong, evocative imagery and memorable melodies.

The third track is dark and soulful featuring the repeated lyric “dogs bite, nettles sting, empty lungs are caving in.” For a song which sounds so melancholy it is somehow still soothing. It has a haunting quality and with the track title Winter Ghosts, I suppose you’d expect it to haunt. The least heavy of the three songs this song is fairly bare comparatively but this works well, it has less of the epic quality than the other two tracks but this is quite welcome; it is more gentle and fragile and this works.

For a first EP this is remarkably self-assured and well-produced. I’ve no doubts that for a band who in their short time together have already supported Idlewild’s Roddy Woomble, Belfast’s Vanilla Gloom, Meursault and The Mirror Trap. We will be hearing plenty more from them.

If you would like to learn more about Blood Indians, you can through the links below:
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