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EP Review: Amongst Thieves – Revise. Reform

EP Review: Amongst Thieves – Revise. Reform

Band: Amongst Thieves
EP: Revise. Reform
Tracks: 5
Label: Independent

Like post-hardcore? You’re in luck because the newly formed band, Amongst Thieves, have not long released their début EP, Revise. Reform. Due to their Yorkshire roots these guys have established themselves locally and now this EP is their ticket to go beyond and explore the venues and crowds that the good old England has to offer. I mean they’ve recently had a taste of playing Slam Dunk Festival which I reckon tasted pretty amazing, but I think we ought to really show them what UK gigs are made of.

The first song of this 5 song EP is They Hunt In Packs, which opens up with a guitar hero kind of riff and I’m not talking about the ones on the easy setting. This evidently is something to catch our attention. The rampaging guitar continues throughout and the vocals soon come in with a mixture of signing and screams, a perfect balance for post-hardcore. By this time you can hear the potential as they sound like a young Architects. You can’t go wrong. Although the more I hear the screams the more lacking they become. But honestly, for anyone who has heard the late Mitch Lucker’s vocals (vocalist of Suicide Silence) it will always be the case.

The song to follow, Late Nights on Broadway, is similar and to some extent average but it works extremely well. The instruments are spot on and everything you could want to hear if you’re a post-hardcore fan. The softer vocals flow in unison yet (perhaps just through my critical ears) are almost too monotone in comparison. I want to hear more depth to match the ongoing instruments in the background which are stealing the vocalists thunder.

Too Young To Die follows in a rush, capturing the essence of a punchy opening and chorus to match, you know, the kind of chorus that stays with you throughout the duration of the song. Although this is a well constructed and cohesive song, so far it’s nothing out of the ordinary and as this is an EP, the more diverse the better, there’s only a few songs to exploit your talent after all.

Number 4, Southern Comfort is exciting and upbeat, sort of mirroring what Southern comfort does to me, that drink really knocks me for good and so has this song. Very fitting name. When you listen to this you’ll get flash backs to escape the fate, the flood. I swear there’s an exact line that matches up in these songs. Listen out for “taste on my tongue”, it’s freakishly uncanny.

Next up is the final song, The Lost Art Of Conversation, which is driven forward by the amazing musicality. This shows their talent off and that’s the best form of closure in my eyes. Making this EP something that could be an album.

For a new independent band this is a great accomplishment! This EP has got the genre down to a ‘T’, sure there could be a few improvements but pfft.. At this stage of their career they can figure all the bumps out and grow with their fan base. But for now they definitely deserve credit.

But don’t take my word for it. If you want to listen to this record you can via Sound Cloud.

And for the more eager readers you can find them on their:

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