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DJ Lone Ranger: From Country to Club

“We’ve already gained a strong online presence and hosted a room at Motion for Hessle Audio,” says DJ Lone Ranger, an ever-expanding artist, always looking to progress musically.

DJ Lone Ranger started DJing and producing at around the age of 16 in Devon and Cornwall, before moving to Bristol to pursue opportunity and education. Once in Bristol his first set was at Jungle Syndicate, but whilst his passion had taken him across the country it was only the beginning of relentless gigging and hard work.

From mixing drum and bass DJ Lone Ranger started exploring different BPMs (Beats Per Minute) and genres. He has branched out to a variety of styles including dubstep, garage and house amongst many others, which is the signature of someone who is devoted to music as a whole.

Having the motivation to constantly make music, play live and also spending countless hours promoting his material has finally started paying off. “I have a reputation as a bit of a spammer on Facebook,” he said, and it doesn’t seem to have done any harm for his following.

DJ Lone Ranger recently won the Motion DJ competition to play Nass festival, as well as playing alongside a large number of artists both established and underground, which is an achievement in itself.

The young DJ is clearly not content with slowing down as he continues to explore and create other projects across a wide range of roles.  Whether that is being a decision maker at Cafe Bass, finding and showing Bristol’s up and coming musical talent or even taking multiple resident DJ slots around the country, it’s a fast-paced life but it’s working out.

It’s an inspiring story of how determination can pay off and his most recent project is forming the Apex Collective, a group of friends joining together to release mixtapes and collaborate frequently. With individuals and projects like this, it’s a good sign that there is a healthy music scene around Bristol and the UK and hopefully we will only see more of these creative ventures springing up all over the country as they can only be a good thing.

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