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Bristol Radical Film Festival: Growing Change Screening Review (09.02.13)

In a warm and cosy room below Cafe Kino, there was something very exciting  happening yesterday (09.02.13). Bristol Radical Film Festival held another film screening in anticipation of the week long festival coming up, and it did it with style, screening to a packed house.

The main screening was of Growing Change, which is a film about the world’s food situation, and used Venezuela predominantly as a case study. Before the film was played, festival organisers Anthony Killick and Dr Lee Salter gave a talk about the nature of the film, and exactly how it was increasingly relevant today. The crowd were also lucky enough to get to listen to Dr Lee Salter talk about Venezuela itself, as he has had a lot of involvement in researching and visiting Venezuela.

Growing Change  itself, was actually a surprisingly good documentary film. The narrative was interesting and provided a manageable yet in-depth insight into many factors of how industrial farming isn’t sustainable and explored various other alternatives. It’s hard to envision that a film about farming or even food for that matter can be interesting, but the reality is that the audience seemed captivated, and so was I.

Following the screening of the film the event was not over. The audience stayed to discuss not only what they had just watched, but the nature of our food sourcing, knowledge and sustainability. It was warming to hear so many bodies actively engaging in discussion about what they could do, and exactly what they thought the issues were.

Overall, as well as the extremely large turnout, it seemed that this event in particular gave a glimpse of what Bristol Radical Film Festival is about. Who knew soil could be so interesting.

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