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Bassnectar releases latest single ‘Take You Down’

Today marks the release of Bassnectar’s latest single Take You Down, coming just in time for the start of his stateside Immersive Music Tour this Thursday. The single comes packaged with three previously unreleased tracks, including a collaboration with ill.Gates and a remix of Take You Down by West Coast Lo Fi.

The bass-loving musician’s Take You Down is full of pulsing chords, emotive synths and echoing vocals that make the track an instant Bassnectar classic. Describing the track, he states it was put together “as a summertime jam; something deep, lush and euphoric. I started it while I was on vacation, and the general theme is basically falling in love and that slow motion feeling you get when you plunge backwards into something overwhelming, but never hit the ground.”

The next track Expanded was created with ill.Gates, and has been a popular live track which “moves much like a film score; with ethereal interludes”. With plenty of beats and bass, the track has already been featured on Bassnectar’s Immersive Music Mixtape Side One.

Raw Charles was a track the musician began last year to include on his Here Come The Bastards remix for Primus. He decided to release it as a single for this release so his listeners could hear it all by itself.


The last track on the release is Color Storm, a sound that was created over two years ago to be used as the centrepiece for a mixtape and a bonus track for the Divergent Spectrum Remixes, which never saw an official release. Bassnectar used this chance to “give another life to this special piece of music.”

Speaking of his decision to release all 5 tracks as a single he said, “The label wanted to release this as an EP, but I wanted to kind of under promise and over-deliver, so I like releasing it as a single, but giving 5 distinct tracks for the [Bass]heads.”

You can now purchase the digital release on iTunes from this link.

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