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Avril Lavigne to Release Fifth Studio Album

avril-lavigne never growing up

Artist: Avril Lavigne

Singles: Here’s to Never Growing Up | Rock N Roll

Album: Avril Lavigne

Number of Tracks: 13

Release Date: 4th November 2013

Label: Epic Records

For all of you still into your pop princesses, the most mascara-ed of them all is about to pop into your lives for the fifth time. Avril Lavigne is set to release her first self-titled studio album on the 4th of November.

Having turned pinker and sweeter with each album since her 2002 debut, Let Go, some would be justified in arguing that a return to the good old moody days is probably long over-due. Hopes for Avril Lavigne taking that U-turn are heavily encouraged when we see that the track list for the new album includes a feature from Marilyn Manson. However, if we look slightly higher up the running order, all hopes of a slightly darker overall sound are dashed into a generic American mess as Chad Kroeger makes an appearance on the track, Let Me Go.

1. Rock N Roll

2. Here’s To Never Growing Up

3. 17

4. Bitchin’ Summer

5. Let Me Go – feat. Chad Kroeger

6. Give You What You Like

7. Bad Girl – feat. Marilyn Manson

8. Hello Kitty

9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

10. Sippin’ On Sunshine

11. Hello Heartache

12. Falling Fast

13. Hush Hush

That said, with such high profile cameos you have to give the album some kudos. Although calling your opening track Rock N Roll (to be released as a single on the 28th of October) probably leaves any hope for genuine rock featuring on the album dead in the water. It sounds a bit like the title is compensating for something. Sure enough the track delivers little deviation from the usual catchy pop lyrics with lightly grungy chords behind them. The odd bit of “bulls***” and “motherf***ing” gets thrown around in order to dirty up the feel but to little avail. The overall result is yet another song that tries to convince you that the young Avril Lavigne is still there with her references to torn jeans and getting “wasted.” There is, however, no bite to back up the showing off.


This is a theme not easily put down in this album as the second track emerges entitled Here’s to Never Growing Up. Although I wouldn’t necessarily offer much in terms of accolades for quality song writing, this is the song that looks to hint at some success for the album. Released on iTunes at the end of June, Here’s to Never Growing Up has already debuted at No. 1 in twenty-two countries. Listening to it, there’s definitely an attraction in the care-free song-writing but at the end of the day there’s no getting around the fact it sounds much like a Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift re-hash.

It’s true that her following of popular music criteria will take Lavigne further, come November, but those who fondly remember listening to Let Go on the way to school in the early 00s, should probably keep their expectations low.

Pre-orders for Avril Lavigne are scheduled to be available from the 24th of September.


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