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American Hustle

American Hustle was a highly anticipated big Hollywood release from director David. O Russell. Pulling together the stars of his previous two Oscar favourites, The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook with the metamorphic Christian Bale along with big breakthrough Amy Adams, young and accomplished Jennifer Lawrence along with Bradley Cooper, trying to prove his acting chops, as well as Jeremy Renner and a sm ...

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Fables: The Wolf Among Us

  Fables: The Wolf Among Us is the new episodic release from Telltale Games, the company that brought us The Walking Dead. Fans of Bill Willingham's popular comic series Fables (which I'd highly recommend reading), and  those who are unfamiliar with the franchise (as the game is set before the first issue of the comic series) will be able to get on board with this new interactive fiction game. The graphic a ...

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Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

With Christmas fast approaching, and with so many consoles to choose from as well as the onslaught of new consoles such as Xbox One, the PS4 and smaller consoles such as the Nintendo 2DS. With all new consoles being able to connect to the internet, I decided to evaluate some of the pros and cons of the phenomenon that is online gaming. Pros Exclusive Content – One of the best reasons for taking your gaming ...

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