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The attraction of film photography

Kodak emerged from bankruptcy last week. A good time to ask why film still holds its magic over photographers like myself and continues to attract new users. This is my own idiosyncratic view of photography and not a rehash of the digital versus film debate. Digital technology has been a great liberator of photography making it easier not only to take photos but also to share them over the web. Digital phot ...

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Fixing the shadows

When photography was invented around 1839 the camera had been in use for hundreds of years. Accounts of using a small opening (pinhole) to project an image stretches as far back as the third century BCE. Using a lens attached to a box (called a camera obscura) to create an image that was copied by an artist began in the sixteen century. One master of using the camera was Giovanni Antonio Canaletto whose spe ...

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Faking Reality

Once upon a time people believed the camera did not lie. They believed that looking at a photograph was as good as seeing something with your own eyes. However, not long after the invention of photography, devious minds began working on how to use the camera to deceive. In its infancy photography used glass or metal plates coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that were placed inside the camera to be expos ...

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