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An Introduction To Sam Preston, 101

Film is an illuminating entry into uncharted territories. It can open up new worlds, introduce new characters, enforce new emotions upon us. Film can open your eyes to unknown subjects, and light up your senses. There are films that can drag tears from your eyes, films that can plaster an unending smile on your face, and can choke a lump in your throat. My name, is Sam Preston, and to me, film is emotion.

I’m a recent graduate from University, aged 22 years old, having completed a course in “English with Creative Writing”. It was whilst at University that I first began writing online on a regular basis, and it was reviews that I gravitated towards. I’ve loved Film since I was a child, it was what led me to taking “Media Studies” for a course at college, and used to spend my days just watching double or triple bills. I still get immense pleasure from the enjoyment of sitting down to watch several films. Since September 2009, I have reviewed Films, TV Series, Character, Television Seasons, Books and even an Album.

I do not pretend to be the dominant voice of reviews, I just like to be a unique voice. I’m a layman who doesn’t get paid to watch and review films, I do it for the passion, and because I love to discuss movies. I am lucky in that I exist halfway between layman and scholar, I know official terms and language when looking at films, but I also just want to enjoy myself when watching a film. I have a wonderfully eclectic love of Movie, one day I am raving over a horror film, the next a romantic-comedy, the next a 1950′s Drama.

Some of my favorite films in history are The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Shawshank Redemption, and Avengers Assemble. These are three completely different movies with not a single actor, writer or director in common…but what they have, is emotion and character. Give me a solid script, solid direction, and likable characters, I am already halfway to loving your film. Give me terrible, unlikable characters, and I become furious. I want to love and care for what is happening on screen, and if the characters are dicks, then I don’t care. This is why I have a high standard for horror films, and haven’t liked 90% of Horror films in the last 30 years.

Earlier this year, I attempted to accomplish a “500 Films In A Year Challenge“, where, simply, I try to watch 500 films in one year. My rules were simple, I had to watch the entire film, and give it a in-depth review to prove I’d seen it. Unfortunately, due to this year being the year I had two major dissertations, a creative writing piece and two mini-dissertations to complete, as well as having to move from Cornwall back to Plymouth, and dedicate untold hours to packing & unpacking bags, I fell behind. Currently, this year I have watched about 240-odd films, with several of them having been watched two, three or even four times (Drive and Avengers Assemble). This also doesn’t include any films that I had watched anything less than the entire film. If I included all the films that I had even watched just 10 minutes of, or even at least half of the time, I’d breach 300 films with ease. As well as that, I dedicated a lot of my time to attempting a “500 Episodes In A Year Challenge“, which I actually smashed, currently over 800 episodes with more still to come.

My hope it to start up a new “500 Films In A Year Challenge” on January 1st 2013, with a weekly update of how many I have watched. My plans will likely be to have 1-3 main reviews a week, and another post of the rest of the films I’d seen that week, but with a smaller, more basic review. If anyone wishes to suggest films for me to watch, at any point, you are more than welcome to contact me on my email.

Well, that’s my introduction. I think just over 700 words is a fair amount for introducing myself. The next post will be a schedule post, showing my plans for upcoming posts.


“He may have been a mook, but he was my mook!”

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Post-Graduate from Falmouth University, having taken "English with Creative Writing". 22 years old, based in Plymouth.

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