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An interview with Wayne Godwinreid


Wayne Godwinreid is a Bristol based photographer who specialises in photographing weddings and stunning landscapes across the world. His striking and unique work stands out against the stiff-collared side of traditional wedding photography, and I caught up with him to talk about his travels, white dresses and his special love for bicycles.

HUNOW: Hi Wayne, tells us a bit about what you do:

WAYNE: I’m a Bristol based wedding photographer. Obsessed with photography and bicycles…but won’t combine both as the unwritten rule is no backpacks on a road bike, it doesn’t look right!

HUNOW: What is the context behind your photography?

WAYNE: I hope to covey emotion and a sense of time and place with all of my images. My equipment choice also reflects the way I work. To me, shots taken with a longer lens look disconnected…it’s a photo taken from a distance! Short focal length feels like you’re ‘in it’, connecting with your subject. Hopefully whoever views that photograph can also ‘feel it’.

Photo by Wayne Godwinreid

HUNOW: Where in the world have you been to photograph?

WAYNE: I’ve roamed around Sri Lanka and New Zealand, crawled through underground mines and waded waist-high in the Bristol Channel (that was a slight mistake) and photographed weddings in England, Wales and Ireland. The camera has come back home safely every time.

Photo by Wayne Godwinreid

Photo by Wayne Godwinreid

HUNOW: Where has been your favourite place?

WAYNE: A train journey from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka, hanging out of an open door and meeting locals on my way through the carriages was amazing. I have to say that every wedding is a fun and unique experience. You are immersed in the middle of a celebration the whole day….what’s not to like?

HUNOW: What made you interested in wedding photography?

WAYNE: It was street photography that convinced me and the frustration of being a guest at weddings and seeing the resulting professional photos. It’s an honour to be given the responsibility of capturing and sharing one of the most special moments of a person’s life. The traditional approach, awkward set up shots and speeding off as soon as the first dance ended just didn’t reflect the day or the fun the couple and guests actually had – A wedding should be about the couple and celebration rather than a random person orchestrating proceedings.

Photo by Wayne Godwinreid

Photo by Wayne Godwinreid

I like to stay as late as possible to capture the carnage on the dance floor, if I’m struggling to turn down drinks offered to me I know my job is done.

HUNOW: What is your favourite thing to photograph?

WAYNE: Natural moments, emotion. They say the camera doesn’t lie…

HUNOW: What are your plans for the future?

WAYNE: I’d like to grow my wedding business as well as devote some more time to landscape work and it would be fun to try and combine my passion for cycling with the photography venture…. Le Tour coming to the UK is going to be very exciting. Mainly, I just want to continue being creative and provide people with images they really love.

If you’ve been interested in anything that you read here, you can see more of Wayne’s work here.

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