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An Interview with This Deafening Whisper


Having received a good response to their debut album, Duodecim, last year, French metal band This Deafening Whisper have been very quiet since its release. However, the band are now coming back with new material to release, some line-up changes and new video content. We spoke to the band about all of it, which you can read below.

HUNOW: Since the release of your debut album last year we haven’t heard much from you guys, what have you been doing with yourselves?

TDW: Yep it’s true we did kind of a long social media blackout the first half of 2014, we felt that we needed some time to ourselves, especially as there were a few line up changes, us trying to work on some new stuff etc… It’s true we’ve been a bit slow and secretive but I think in the long run it was for the best, at least now we’re back and we have a lot to share in the few next months

HUNOW: I read that you want to achieve a “cinematographic feeling” within your music and everything else This Deafening Whisper. Do any of the band members make your artwork or shoot your videos?

TDW: Glad to see you did your research on us before the interview ahah Yeah well actually we are pretty lucky on that side, Alban, our singer, has created his own video prod and Mark is into design as well so basically, we can take care ourselves of every visual sides (our photos, videos, artwork, website …) This is a real strength that allow us to control exactly our whole imagery and visual universe that goes hand in hand with the music.

HUNOW: Take me through the process of making the music video for your latest single, Hourglass.

TDW: Sure, well first off, we recorded the final track in studio with Lucas (of Betraying the Martyrs) and got it mixed by Bert (of Chunk no captain Chunk). Then we worked on the screenplay, we wanted the background story to have more consistency than our previous videos. Once we drew the main lines, I went on a week of Castle hunting in the region where I live. We ended up finding an amazing one that allowed us to shoot the whole day there, the owner was really friendly. We shot the scenario first with a cast made of friends/family and models then we shot ourselves playing right outside of it on the garden… But unfortunately, these shots weren’t good enough.. It slowed the whole process and in the end we had no choice but shoot the musicians again. I’m glad we did in the end, the result is much more powerful than what we previously had.

Then we didn’t want to release it during the summer so we took all our time for the editing and processing, I hope it shows in the final result !

HUNOW: Being the first single you’ve put out for a while, Hourglass seems to have received a lot of attention. How do you feel it’s been taken?

TDW: We’re absolutely delighted that most people seem to like this somehow new musical approach and it gives us much faith into the future ones we’re gonna unleash soon ! We really took attention to listen to every comments, good or bad and learned a lot from it.

HUNOW: I noticed that some people aren’t very happy with your new sound. How and why would you say your sound has changed, and what do you say to your fans who are making these comments?

TDW: This was totally to be expected and I’m afraid those people aren’t gonna be happy with the new ones also.. Well, I guess Duodecim sound was very ‘compact’ you know, unpredictable, full of instruments, almost a bit messy at some point. Although I really love this album and it took us sooo much effort to have it completed, I gotta say that we felt like we needed to ‘freshen’ up a bit you know. First off we traded our guitars for 7 strings, then we practiced on some more groove oriented riffs, giving also more place for the vocals. I guess it’s just us trying something new, something in phase with what we like and experimenting. The fact we welcome new members in the band is also a sure sign that we had to evolve with their tastes as well.

HUNOW: Your Facebook page was set up in 2013 and you have over 12,000 likes on it, yet you’ve posted less than ten times since its creation. What is the secret behind amassing such a following with so little interaction?

TDW: Oh well, to be honest this isn’t exactly that, we had a very lively facebook page in the previous years, it was just our choice to re-start on a blank page, we just wanted to start all over again, to clean it up and just focus on what’s new. Thank gosh our main fan base stayed here and didn’t run away

HUNOW: Having released your new single Hourglass recently and announcing that there’s more exciting news to come, I’m guessing that means more music. Can you tell us a bit more about your new release? When will it drop and how many tracks are there?

TDW: I feel like I’ve been pretty chatty in my replies so far ahah, but unfortunately on that one I can’t say much man, hope you understand ! All I can say is : Please bear the wait with us and stay updated !

HUNOW: Which film has inspired each of you the most, and why?

TDW: On a personal level, I guess I’d have to go with Pan’s Labyrinth or Truman Show. Both are just so incredibly powerful in their own ways. The way metaphors are used in it often gave me inspiration, lyrically and musically both.

For Alban it would have to be pretty much any Christopher Nolan’s movie I guess…

To find out more about This Deafening Whisper, you can visit their:

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