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An Interview with The Maine’s Jared Monaco

Jared Monaco from The Maine set aside a few minutes to answer a couple of my questions about touring, albums and the Vans Warped Tour UK later this year.

HUNOW: Hey The Maine, how are you?

Jared: I’ll go ahead and speak for everyone and say we’re doing just fine. Thank you!

HUNOW: So how is the 8123 tour going with A Rocket To The Moon,?This Century and Brighten?

Jared: So far, so good. We’ve been out for about 3 weeks now. The shows have been amazing, and we get to hang out with some of our best friends every single day. We still have a lot of shows left, but it feels like it’s flying by.

HUNOW: What is tour life like?

Jared: Tour life is whatever you make out of it. You can choose to sit on the bus all day and feel lazy, or you can go outside and explore. It’s nice to be in a new city every day, and have new things to see. On the downside, it’s hard to get basic stuff done like laundry or even keeping track of where your belongings are on the bus. Takes some getting used to.

HUNOW: What’s your favourite song to play live currently?

Jared: Right now it’s Kennedy Curse. It’s always nice to be playing new songs live.

HUNOW: Are you all missing home at all?

Jared: Yeah, a little bit. I always miss home. I’m so used to being on tour by now that it really doesn’t affect my mood anymore.

HUNOW: You released ‘Forever Halloween’ recently, how do you think it’s been received by fans?

Jared: I think it’s been great! It’s nice to be able to put out an album that we believe in so strongly, and see that enthusiasm reflected back by our fans. I’ve noticed several people’s favorite tracks differ greatly. That makes me feel like it’s a diverse record.

HUNOW: Do you think you’re likely to produce another album completely by yourselves again?

Jared: I don’t know at this point. I’m sure it’s likely. We did Forever Halloween with Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs, and he taught us a great deal about what it means to be a real band. I think there are always things to be learned from those who have been doing it for so long. It’s nice to have someone in the captain’s chair when we’re recording.

HUNOW: How was the making process considering you didn’t have help from a record company?

Jared: We put everything we had into this album. It’s completely funded by The Maine. Our management company, 8123 mgmt has become a record label for us at this point. We’re very fortunate to have such powerful resources as we continue to run our band independently. It’s very liberating to know that it can be done.

HUNOW: What artists influenced you during the making of this record?

Jared: We were listening to all kinds of stuff. Personally, I was listening to a good amount of Pavement and Fleetwood Mac. Also tons of Wilco as usual.

HUNOW: You’re playing Vans Warped Tour UK in November, how do you feel about that?

Jared: Very excited to tour Europe with the Warped Tour! It’s basically the first festival set-up that we’ve been able to do over there, so we’re going to make the most of it. I’m excited to have the opportunity to play in front of so many new people each day.

HUNOW: Do you think it’s going to differ from the American Vans Warped Tour?

Jared: To be honest, I have no idea! We did the 2009 US Warped Tour in it’s entirety, and although it was totally worth it, it was a grueling bunch of weeks. Hopefully this UK run will be a little more relaxed, but equally as fun.

HUNOW: And for the readers of HOLDUPNOW, what advice would you give to bands making their own record?

Jared: Don’t compromise for anybody. Just write songs (hopefully good ones) and do your best to capture them in their truest form. Don’t over-think anything. Just be proactive and make sure the best idea always wins. Communication is key, don’t be afraid of your ideas getting shot down. For every good idea, there are 100 bad ones.

HUNOW: Thanks for your time.

Jared: Of course! Thank you!

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