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An interview with The Capture Effect



The Capture Effect (TCE) are a London-based quintet with lots of ambition. The electronic-infused rock band aren’t afraid to tackle controversial topics in their songs such as the London riots of 2011 and aren’t planning on stopping any time in the near future. The Capture Effect are set to release their new EP Frequencies on the 23rd March 2015 via Free Radio. We got in touch the guys to find out more.  

HUNOW: Hi guys, how has 2015 been treating you so far?

TCE: Hello there. 2015 is exciting so far lots of releases on the horizon and we’re looking forward to touring soon and playing festivals this summer.

HUNOW: You’ve recently released your second download track SKYwave which focuses on the phone hacking scandal back in 2011 whilst your first download track London’s Burning discussed the London riots of the same year. What spurs you to write songs based off of these events?

TCE: They’re part of the bigger idea for the full album Critical Frequency, that soundtracks a year in the life of a character called Jack from 2010-2011. We wanted it to be a coming of age story about everyday life, but also about society and discussing these events helps ground listeners in that reality.

HUNOW: Are there any recent topical events that you feel may be good storylines for future songs?

TCE: I think the impact of this ongoing age of austerity is a continuing source of good story lines, it’s not as scandalous as the News of the World phone hacking but does allow you to tell more personal narratives.

HUNOW: What do you believe sets apart your upcoming EP, Frequencies, from other releases?

TCE: Musically and lyrically it’s hard hitting, topical and emotionally stark. We hope it’s a visceral record that will engage people on every level.

HUNOW: Do you believe living in London is helpful or a hindrance to you gaining recognition considering there are many new bands popping up in the city frequently?

TCE: There are two sides to that coin: the scale of the city and number of bands/venues make it a hinderance but then that scale also attracts the industry so there’s more opportunity here as well. It is what you make of it that counts.

HUNOW: Which artists, either local or not, have you been digging lately?

TCE: I’m really into Band of Skulls’ new record currently, it’s a great balance between Blues and pop.

HUNOW: You’ve been given the chance to arrange your dream tour line-up with yourselves included, which bands are on the bill and in which slots?

TCE: We’d love to open for Foals or Biffy Clyro with one stipulation: there’s 4 spaces reserved for us in the front row for when they come on. They’re both hugely successful bands now but they’re still hungry for the stage and give a lot of energy to an audience, would be a dream to support them.

HUNOW: Out of all the festivals in the world, which three would you most like to play?

TCE: Too many to chose from…I made a promise to my big sister when I stole her Nirvana T-shirt that I’d wear it on stage at Reading Festival so that has to be up there. Rockslide in Denmark is supposed to be incredible, but Glastonbury is still one of those dream slots that every band hopes for, the calibre of acts there is always phenomenal.

HUNOW: Where do you see yourselves as a band in the next five years?

TCE: Hopefully we continue to develop as writers and musicians and produce some records that connect with people. That’s the hope anyway.

HUNOW: What do you hope the rest of 2015 will bring?

TCE: Crowd pleasing festival slots and some record sales would be nice. Let’s find out.

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