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An Interview With Northlane

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Northlane are a 5 piece progressive metalcore band from Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia. Earlier this year they released their 2nd studio album, Singularity, and immediately became one of the hottest bands of the year. Northlane’s bassist, Alex Milovic, spoke to us about their success, upbeat material and much more. 

HUNOW: For the readers who don’t quite know who you are or what you’re about, how would you describe yourself in terms of the style you play and who would you say you’re most similar to if you had to pick someone?

A: In regards to the style we play, I’d like to say it is a progressive type of metalcore but with so many sub genres these days it’s hard to pin point one specific genre. We have a vast range of influences but if I had to pick one similar band I’d like to say Architects.

HUNOW: With the release of your 2nd album, Singularity, you took the music world by storm, what do you attribute the success to?

A: We had a very strong marketing campaign to promote our second album, which ended up going viral before people even knew that we were promoting for our second release. It really helped keep the ball rolling and get people interested in what we had in store for them.

HUNOW: Quantum Flux was the first official single off of the album, what made you choose that song?

A: We choose to release Quantum Flux as the single off of Singularity because we felt as if it had a great variety of both heavy and melodic sections as well as singing and screaming, something for everybody I guess! It also didn’t give away too much as to what the rest of the album was going to sound like.

HUNOW: A quick look at the song titles and lyrics and you can see a bit of a theme developing. What made you write about such imposing topics?

A: There are too many bands that spread negative messages in our genre and we want to stray apart from that and send a positive message. Something we truly believe in. Northlane 2

HUNOW: And what made you start writing music in the first place?

A: We love writing music and self-expression.

HUNOW: Is your writing a collaboration with everyone lending each other a hand with different parts or do you all write your own thing?

A: Jon our guitarist does the majority of our writing. Once he has an idea of a basic structure the rest of the band will then give an input on sections or directions for the song.

HUNOW: Looking through your tour history shows how hard-working you are as a band. What is it that keeps you going and constantly delivering such intense performances?

A: I guess it’s quite simply really. We love what we do and we love how our music affects other people all over the world. That in itself keeps us going and pushes us to work harder and harder.

HUNOW: Talking about tours, you’re about to start on the Impericon Never Say Die Tour which has a very impressive line up. How are you all feeling about being on this tour?

A: Were very excited to start the tour, as it’s our first time touring Europe. We really can’t wait to see what the rest of the world has to offer!

HUNOW: Australian metalcore has always enjoyed some success across the world but recently it’s really experienced a boom in popularity. What do you think is making Australia’s brand of metal so popular right now?

A: In Australia, we are extremely isolated and this makes it very difficult for bands to tour overseas and break into other markets because it’s incredibly expensive for us. To be able to afford to tour overseas, you need to be doing very well at home, and because our scene is so isolated, to do well at home you need to be a world class band. This is why you see so many Australian bands do so well overseas, we have to work much harder than bands from the US for instance, and this trial by fire makes us what we are.

HUNOW: On a slightly less serious note, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, who do you think would survive the longest and why?

A: Josh, he used to be a tri athlete so no zombie stands a chance!

HUNOW: For the readers of HOLDUPNOW, what’s the best piece of life advice you’ve been given in terms of making your music career viable?

A: Never give up.

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