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An Interview with Noir Noir


Noir Noir are a four piece rock band based in Manchester. Combining Queens of the Stone Age style guitar with pounding rhythm and a dark and sinister quality to create something entirely unique, we got the chance to ask them a few questions and get into the minds behind the beautifully macabre, Claustrophobic Love.

HUNOW: You’ve just released your debut single, Claustraphobic Love, and it’s already received a lot of praise, is this a hint at a future album?

NN: Yes indeed. Claustrophobic Love was written and recorded among a bunch of other songs that we will hopefully release as an album at some stage. We’re not in any rush to make release plans for an album yet however. We are a brand new band and have only just announced ourselves on the scene over the last few weeks with that single, so we’ll wait for people to get a bit more familiar with us first.

HUNOW: The single has a very sinister and dark vibe to it, would that be a stylistic theme for future work or did it just happen to work well?

NN: Yeah we try and tie everything together under one roof. But we also approach every song as an individual piece so that we don’t limit ourselves to a certain sound or style. Changing things up song to song and having a good variety in what we do is massively important to us.

HUNOW: You’re also about to start a small tour, if all goes well can we expect to see a lot more of you across the country and perhaps further afield?

NN: For our next single we will be doing a more extensive UK tour, hopefully before the end of May. But we are hoping to go further afield before the end of the year for sure. Playing to as many people as possible around the world is the ultimate goal.

HUNOW: In a recent interview you mentioned that working with producer Rob Ellis was a big highlight for you, how did you get into a position to work with him and how was the experience?

NN: Rob was one of the first people on our list to work with when we were finishing material for the album. He has, in recent years, done some great work with Anna Calvi, Bat For Lashes and Cold Specks, but we admired him for a long time before that as the drummer for PJ Harvey so we were confident that he would have similar musical values to us. We sent him a demo of the album and he was interested. The experience was great, he was the perfect guy at the perfect time for us. He contributed especially well to the areas of the project where we wouldn’t have been comfortable controlling ourselves. It was a pressure situation, getting an album done in less that two weeks, but Rob made sure it got done without making us feel under too much pressure. Being a drummer first and foremost, he paid particular attention to getting a great drum sound which is important for a band like us who lean on the heavier end of the spectrum. And he’s good fun, a good guy to have a drink with.

HUNOW: Did you do much gigging in Ireland? If so, how was it different from in Manchester and the rest of the UK?

NN: We haven’t gigged in Ireland as  Noir Noir yet but three of us have played in bands in Ireland. I don’t think it’s that different really. Each individual town or city has its own thing going on just like here in the UK.

HUNOW: From the get-go with regards to both the song and the video, you set a prescendent of artistry, it’s got real depth and feeling to it, is that something which is really important to you?

NN: I think with most of our songs, there are multiple layesr to them. So you’ll hear things a couple of listens in that you didn’t the first time. That’s just the kind of music we like to listen to ourselves, so we try to do that when writing our own songs. I think it just gives the music more longevity, so you can live in it for a bit longer.

HUNOW: It has been said that the video has some allusion to Silence Of The Lambs, and I can see where that’s coming from, did you intend that or was it just a happy accident?

NN: No it was definitely a premeditated thing. When we were discussing concepts for the video with our director, Shaun O’Connor, it was just one of the ideas that stuck. So we decided to go with it.

HUNOW: Being that the video is so conceptually fitting, did you work the idea around the song or did you have an idea you wanted to use and set out to create it?

NN: Thanks for saying that! Yeah, usually when you’re in the process of writing a song, there will be certain sections of music or sounds or lyrics that just lend themselves to a certain aesthetic. So that’s something we usually discuss during the writing process. Then later down the line, we try and follow our instincts from those initial ideas and try to flesh them out into a bigger picutre.

HUNOW: How is the future looking for Noir Noir?

NN: Yeah, as I mentioned we have an album’s worth of material ready to go which we hope to release sometime later in the year, but for now we only know that we will be releasing a follow up single to Claustrophobic Love in May.

HUNOW: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

NN: Another band from Manchester we came across since we moved here gave us great advice which we now live by personally and professionally. “Don’t look back in anger” they said. I can’t remember the name of the band.

HUNOW: And for the readers of HOLDUPNOW, what advice would you like to give to everyone?

NN: “Lawyer up.”

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