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An interview with Nicholas Pomeroy


Photo by Nicholas Pomeroy

Photo by Nicholas Pomeroy

Nicholas Pomeroy is a 24 year old photographer who is based in West London. His style of capturing in-the-moment photographs developed from inspirations in his younger years to snatching snippets of reality out and about with his friends. Perfectly encompassing the joy associated with imagery and emotion, Nicholas told me a little more about his work, and why it’s so important to him.

HUNOW: What is the context behind your photography?

N: I was obsessed with skateboarding videos in my early teens. Between the tricks and huge soundtracks there was always footage of kids out on the road messing around together. I loved seeing that side of it and thought that having that recorded, although suitably casual at the time, must become valuable to them in the future. This is mirrored in my favourite music documentaries, where they are able to tell the story of these big stars beginning with weathered home-movie footage and awkward teen photographs that say so much.

Totally enamoured with my friends a few years on I was so conscious of how bold I thought they looked. In my eyes they could have just stepped out of a movie, so the satisfaction, I discovered, came from showing these images of them back to them.

At 16 when a house party across town felt like a weekend in Vegas, it didn’t matter what we were doing, we were excited to be out late doing it. I would always have my camera with me.

 HUNOW: Where in the world have you been to photograph?

N: The majority has been within the M25 but travelling can’t help but spawn fun pictures.
I’d like to drive across America at some point. I’ve [already] got the CDs picked out.

HUNOW: Much of your work is focused on people. What do you enjoy about photographing people?

N: There’s definitely a moment when people are drunk and being really out there at a party or on a night out and then suddenly they sense you’re going to take a photo and they sort of implode into laughter with the realisation of the character they’d slipped into. That probably sounds creepy to observe but there’s certainly some magic when the right song comes on and you can see your friends ultimately convinced they are Mick Jagger or Christopher Walken and then the next moment they’re a giggling mess just grateful they did their fly up this time. 

The Facebook album probably sounds like an irrelevant platform but I do get a buzz from uploading a big bunch of photos from across recent nights out that some people were too drunk to remember. There’s definitely some euphoria that leaks out if you flick through fast enough. Or maybe that’s epilepsy.

HUNOW: What is your favourite thing to photograph?

N: All these heightened emotions communicate well through photos in a medium where I often think people are taken and presented in a solemn or formal way. It’d be great to tour with some bands and see that side of them and catch them with their hair and/or pants down.

HUNOW: What are your plans for the future?

N: I think it’s stories and these sentiments that really grab me more than the medium itself. I am interested in moving into film and writing. Recently I’ve found comedy has felt very relatable and authentic to me, more so than art.

HUNOW: Where can we see your work?

N: I have a long running flickr, which feels like a bit of a lurid scrap book. And also a simple website in progress for “work”.

You can check out more of Nicholas’ work here.

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