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An Interview with New Street Adventure


Soul isn’t dead, there are many artists out there keeping things soulful and one of the UK’s soul representatives are the group known as New Street Adventure. In 2012 we enjoyed reviewing their EP Say It Like You Mean It and now the group are gearing up to release their debut album No Hard Feelings on Acid Jazz Records, to be released on October 27th 2014. New Street Adventure have taken their time to release this debut and are back, even better. We caught up with the group’s frontman,Nick Corbin (NC), about the state of the soul community and lots more.  

HUNOW: The track from your new album, Be Somebody – was this based around an event/person in your lives or is it just a well written song?

NC: Both. It’s actually the oldest song on the album that I wrote in university after a fight between a group of my mates and the rugby team- a bit of a class war I guess. It’s a more specific narrative than most of my songs but it still works!

new2HUNOW: I’d never been into the more melodic soul scene, but your new album has really opened my eyes to it – do you think the following is still there for mod/soul music? 

NC: It’s definitely still there but that’s not the only kind of following we’re targeting. I think we’re more ambitious than a lot of the other bands in the so-called mod/soul scene. It’s important to remember the fans who have stuck by you all along and given you that start but at the same time there’s only so far you can go in that scene. We want to appeal to people who like good music, no matter what the genre.

HUNOW: There are bands that have to release something completely different every time they release an album to keep fans interested, how do you guys keep the same classic sound yet still offer something different in every new album?

NC: Because the roots of the music will always be based around soul. Looking back to our first EP, I still like the songs but essentially we were doing impressions of classic soul songs with me singing over the top. I’m not ashamed to admit that because I was young and naive and had just met a group of amazing musicians. We’re at a point now where we’ve matured as a band and honed a unique sound that is getting people talking. It’s only going to get better.

HUNOW: Which bands, if any, would you say inspired you all to get into the music industry? 

NC: I started writing songs and singing the way I do because of Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys. They were a revelation for me and it still amazes me that with each album they are fresher than ever. They inspired a huge wave of indie bands, most of whom have fallen by the wayside but they all had one or two great songs that were very influential for me at the time.

HUNOW: I’ve not heard any other bands that have the same chilled out, upbeat songs that you guys have, but would you say your playing style is totally unique? 

NC: Not really, I don’t think many people could claim that. However what makes us a bit different is that the most of the band are highly competent jazz musicians which does give an interesting twist to some of our newer material.

HUNOW: You’ve had your fair share of band members leave in the past, would you say the way you play has changed with the members or kept steady from day one?

NC: Over the years we’ve naturally gone from a straight up soul band to what you see today, which is a much more gritty brand of soul that takes influences from other genres. The biggest change so far was at the start of this year when the girls left. For the five lads remaining it was the first time we felt like a band; there was suddenly no hiding as everyone realised they have to perform and the result has been even better than I anticipated. Our live sound is a lot more raw and feels like a lot more of a collective effort. What I mean by that is we were previously a front three with a backing band, now we’re a front five!

HUNOW: If you were to be given the choice of line-up, who would you play alongside?

NC: It would differ for all of us really. All the boys have their own heroes so it’s hard for me to say. I’d love to play with Arctic Monkeys though!

HUNOW: Is it your intention to play at larger festivals like Glastonbury, or are you more content with smaller, more personal venues?

NC: Definitely. I think a lot of our songs are pretty anthemic and I’d love to play them to a massive crowd. There are some small venues you couldn’t replicate the atmosphere of though- we’ve played at the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green 4 times this year- we keep going back because it’s always a special night. The 100 club also has that knack of having an instant atmosphere even if there’s nobody in there. We’re really looking forward to our album launch there on 4th November.

HUNOW: Where can people catch you playing next? We would love to see a date in Bristol!

NC: Yeah we’d love to come back to Bristol- we played at Thekla two years ago and it was great! Our next dates are:

Fri 17th Oct: Guildford Boileroom

Sun 26th Oct: Old queens head, Angel

Fri 31st Oct: the Haunt, Brighton

Sat 6th Dec: The North Laine, Brighton (popup record store event)

Sun 21st Dec: Jazz Cafe, Camden w/ Steve Craddock

To find out more about New Street Adventure you can visit their:

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