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An Interview with Moose Blood


Moose Blood are an emo band from Canterbury, England that have a reputation for being honest and raw in true emo fashion. Having caught up with Eddy Brewerton (vocals and guitar) and Mark Osborn (backing vocals and guitar) it’s clear that these guys are all about the music. Moose Blood are humble and hard-working. Read our interview with them below: 

HUNOW: How has 2015 been treating you so far?

Eddy: It’s been a great year, it’s been so much fun.

Mark: It’s so early on to have done what we’ve done already, it’s been fantastic. Like we’ve had such great opportunities already this year and things coming up this year that we just never thought we would do, so it’s been fantastic and it’s lining up to be very, very good.

HUNOW: How would you describe Moose Blood to someone who’s never heard of you before?

Mark: That’s a tough one. We get asked this and we don’t really know what to say that is in any way interesting but I guess a sort of really honest, genuine, heartfelt form of music that allows us to describe things that have gone on in our lives.

Eddy: That’s a good way of putting it I think.

HUNOW: With your debut album, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, you recorded all the way over in LA. How was this process for you guys?

Eddy: It was incredible. It was honestly the best few weeks of our lives, definitely. It was something that we didn’t ever think would happen or was possible to happen, so the fact that it did blew us all away a little. It was incredible.

Mark: Yeah, it was a fantastic thing to have been able to do.

Eddy: I think the record came out better than we ever expected it to.

HUNOW: The album itself consists of very personal lyrics, were there any doubts or fears about wearing your hearts on your sleeves and being so open in the record?

 Eddy: I’m not great with words very much, but it was just how I wanted to write. It was just honest things that have happened to us, so it wasn’t really thought out to be that way, that’s just how I write. Especially with Mark as well, because he wrote a bunch of the songs as well. I guess we didn’t think of it in that way, that’s all we knew how to write.

HUNOW: As a band who frequently tour, have there been any embarrassing moments that you’d like to name and shame?

Eddy: Erm, we’re pretty boring actually, so we don’t really do too much. We like in being in bed early…

Mark: Haha yeah, I guess that’s probably it, the most embarrassing thing that’s happened is that we want to go to bed, but nothing hugely exciting or embarrassing has happened yet, but we’ll see. I’m sure if it does happen it’ll come from being far too drunk.

HUNOW: Imagine you’ve been given the chance to organise your own festival, which three bands would you book as headliners and why?

Mark: Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit.

Eddy: Yeah.

HUNOW: Out of any animal you could have picked for your band name, what made you settle with a moose?

Eddy: There’s no reason behind it at all. We knew we wanted an animal in the name and it just kind of happened. Me and him [Mark] were mucking about at work and we just said it and it just stuck. It was just a joke.

HUNOW: Finally, what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Eddy: We do this run and then we’re off a little while. We’re playing in Canterbury for the BBC birthday thing and on tour with Man Overboard for a while, and then we’re off for the whole summer doing Warped Tour.

To find out more about Moose Blood you can visit their:

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