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An Interview With Milo’s Planes

Self-dubbed as “Shouting and fuzz pedals straight from the bedroom”, Milo’s Planes is a trio consisting of Harry Sherrin, Joe Sherrin and Charlie Horne. Having already released numerous EPs, the Bristol-based band are now preparing to launch their debut album, Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises and certainly have plenty more up their sleeves. We spoke to the guys to find out more about them and what it’s been like making their first album. 

HUNOW: Congrats on the album – what’s the inspiration behind the name?

MP: Thanks – It’s a phrase Richard Pitt of BBC Introducing used to introduce a song of ours  – we liked it so much we sampled it and put it at the beginning of the album. As you listen to the album you’ll hear quite a few little radio samples, most of which we put in because we found them funny but it also worked out as a nice way to tie tracks together… The best one is after Whilst It’s Precise (you can download this track for free from our SoundCloud/BandCamp by the way!) where the presenter says “their parents must be so proud” and they all fall about laughing in the studio.

HUNOW: You describe yourselves as a DIY band and the album was recorded in Harry’s room, is that an identity you want to maintain as the band progresses?

MP: Like the rest of the music we’ve recorded thus far we recorded the album in Harry’s room purely out of ease & the comfort of being able to work on stuff at our own pace, which in our case was really fucking fast. We wanted to spend our formative year pumping out as much music as possible, doing it ourselves was the obvious option. Now that we’ve got Charlie (bass) and have expanded our sound, we’ll be going to a proper studio to record the second one

Regarding DIY as an identity we want to maintain, I guess we’ll always have that with us. As probably overtly clear from hearing the album, our main influences are bands like Fugazi, Lync, Husker Du, Cap N’Jazz, Minutemen etc – but we’re not setting out to exclusively release everything ourselves; it is rewarding to do it this way but we’d also love to have the help of a good label on board, as more than anything we want our music to be heard.

HUNOW: A lot of your music has been released for free via Soundcloud – how useful a tool have you found that sort of site in terms of getting people to hear your music, promoting yourself and building a fan base?

MP: Super useful. When we were starting out and releasing an EP every couple of months it was really handy for us to be able to get the tracks back from mastering and just upload them straight to SoundCloud/BandCamp etc. It’s instant and easy; anyone wanting to hear about our band can just go there and have loads of free music.

HUNOW: Are all the free downloads a way of getting your foot in the door or something you look to continue doing?

MP: Well especially as we’re a relatively unknown new band we thought giving away our first lot of singles/EPs for free would be a good way to get people into the band; people like free shit. Unfortunately, being the money grabbing monsters we now are, our debut album will cost £5! (with free stickers & badges to soften the blow.) But yes there will definitely be more free music from us post album, anyone that’s seen us play live may be interested to know that at some point we’ll be giving away free downloads of a song we often cover at the end of our set. We’re recording it along with a follow up EP and second album next week.

HUNOW: You say the album has taken a long time to complete, how long would you say the album took from conception to completion?

MP: The initial recording of the album took no time at all; we’d write a song, rehearse it a few times, then record it straight away – FRESH! What took a long time was the vocals; recording it in our family home and being a bit of a woosie about recording vocals with anyone around meant I (Joe) had to wait for cheeky empty-house windows where I could record a song or two. Often this meant driving home from work on my lunch break… The mixing (although you may not have realised from listening to it) took fucking ages; partly because I was trying to make it sound better than our previous stuff (which was barely mixed at all), partly because I got a bit fussy about the flow of it as a whole piece and partly because the computer we used couldn’t handle it.

We recorded it in October 2013 and I think it’s been ready and mastered since about March 2014, which isn’t very long in terms of albums but was a long time for us… Even longer seeing as we’re only getting round to releasing it in March 2015 (we released a few singles & a video last year and have been saving up, through gigging to release it.)

HUNOW: In terms of song writing, is it a collaborative effort or is there a chief songwriter? Does it vary?

MP: Joe is the Chief songwriter; he wears a War Bonnet whilst writing and everything. We were actually originally called Milo’s Plains – but after receiving a lot of stick from the Native American community we changed it to Milo’s Planes – a similar thing happened when we tried to call the band Fisted By Vishnu…

On a serious note, War Bonnet is a great band name (not as good as Fisted by Vishnu, but what is?)

HUNOW: The album is very energetic, what can we expect from your live show? Does the energy intensify with the visual element of having your band playing in front of people?

MP: Thanks. I hope so; it’s definitely a lot heavier & we tend to play the songs a lot faster… maybe too fast…

HUNOWHave you found there is a healthy scene for your type of music locally in Bristol?

Joe: I dunno about our type of music exactly, but guitar-based bands in general, definitely. Stemming from Howling Owl Records where my previous/other bands have been homed (Holy Stain, Me, You & Thomas and Let’s Kill Janice) there’s a whole network of bands, friends & gigs. I’d say it’s healthy; if anything It’s an Avacado & Kelp salad.

HUNOW: It’s been said your vocals are hard to decipher – is that intentional or a happy accident?

MP: Ha! It’s not intentional, no. We did consciously try make them louder in the mix on this album than on previous releases. Ah well…

HUNOW: What sort of subjects do you enjoy singing about?

Joe: Most of Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises is about things I’ve noticed whilst at work – usually specific people’s characteristics; stuff that you only notice out of severe boredom & loathing for the job/people you give 8 hours of your day to.

I enjoy singing the most in the shower: Weather Girls, Bon Jovi, Brian Adams, Europe, S-Club, Ronan, Shinia, Boston, Steps, Journey, Shaggy; all the greats. Shower- time is around 10pm to anyone in the Bedminster area of Bristol… Am thinking about unearthing some really powerful archive recordings Andy Came (Spectres) has from when we lived together – I think they could change the way people regard the genre, really raw stuff…#ifthere’ssteamonthewindowthenbabyyouknow

HUNOW: Now that the album is finished can we expect a tour?

MP: That would be nice yeah – we’re trying to get something together but nothing’s sorted yet, unfortunately… If anyone reading this wants to book us then send us an email and we’ll squeeze ourselves and amps into our Micra and come on up!

HUNOW: Before we go, anything you’d like to plug?

Our album launch is at the Louisiana in Bristol on Friday 3rd April – copies of the album will be available from the gig for £5 (also available from our Big Cartel page) and there’s loads of awesome bands on the bill too! Besides that Joe’s other band Me, You & Thomas are supporting Screaming Females in April so look that up too!

To find out more about Milo’s Planes you can visit their:

Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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