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An interview with Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox

I was able to catch Mikey after their gig at The Barfly in Camden supporting  Reckless Love and chat to him about how Mallory Knox started and how the tour has been.

HUNOW: What’s your band called and what do you do? 

Mikey: I’m in a band called Mallory Knox and I sing.

Mikey Chapman, lead singer of Mallory Knox

HUNOW: What does everybody else do?

Mikey: Well Joe plays guitar, as does James. Sam plays bass and Dave plays drums.

HUNOW: When did you form?

Mikey: Sort of late 2009, we’ve had time away for a bit, I went away for a bit, like a couple of months after we formed and we’d written stuff, but yeah generally 2009, late 2009 is when we sort of say that we began.

HUNOW: How did it all start?

Mikey: We’d all been in different bands locally in Cambridge and we’re all friends through that and all of our bands over the course of a couple of months all sort of broke up or just finished and stuff. so yeah from there we decided to start up a band and jam to keep our writing skills and this that and the other fresh. And yeah, from there that’s how Mallory started.

HUNOW: Where did the name come from?

Mikey: Mallory Knox is a name of a character from a Quentin Tarantino movie called Natural Born Killers. And she’s basically like a psychopath, mass murderer who takes out plenty of people who she doesn’t like too much with her boyfriend who I think is called Mickey. But we didn’t name it because of that. We wanted a character name, preferably someone with a dark edge and dark side and we were going to go for Dorian Gray but at the time there was a cheesy Hollywood movie coming out of Dorian Gray so we went for Mallory because of that.

HUNOW: How did you find the show today?

Mikey: Yeah it was brilliant. I’ve got a bit of a cold, um I don’t know if you can tell, but yeah so I was all stuffy, and my chest is tight and my throat hurts and everything. But we gave it 100% I think, I hope that people enjoyed it. It was good, I enjoyed it.

HUNOW: How has it been touring with Reckless?

Mikey: Yeah it’s been good. It’s a crowd we’re not used to playing to. They are people that wouldn’t listen to us normally and are sort of being forced to because we’re on the bill. But people still hang around, they don’t go outside, they don’t go to the pub, they don’t  you know leave when we play. They seem to enjoy it and we get a lot of positive feedback and stuff. It’s a cool tour to be on, it’s a challenge and we like to challenge ourselves so it’s definitely ticking most of the boxes for us at the moment.

HUNOW: What other shows are you looking forward to that are coming up?

Mikey: We’ve got a tour coming up in December with a band called Canterbury and Scholars, that’s two weeks long and should be a lot of fun. They’re two bands we really enjoy, so it’s going to be a really nice one to be on.

HUNOW: You released Wake Up Monday just gone and then it was in the iTunes top ten, what was that like?

Mikey: It was really cool, we did it with Death Rattle just before Wake Up and it was a really cool feeling, you know? You have a look on the list and you got some bands there that you really enjoy, like Mumford And Sons are there and are a personal favourite of mine, and yeah to be up with those guys even for just a short while is cool. It’s nice to see.

HUNOW: And the album coming out next year, have you recorded everything, is everything done?

Mikey: Yeah, we’ve had it done for about eight months now actually. We finished recording in March at some point, so yeah we’ve been sat on it for a very long time. And we’re very frustrated and anxious to get it out to everyone, we want it to be great and be perfect for everybody and that’s why it’s taking a little while, but it will be out come January 2013.

HUNOW: Is the sound on the new album different or similar to your current sound?

Mikey: The sound is different but not, you know, it’s still Mallory It’s still the same kind of guitars and similar vocal styles and the writings similar  but we’ve sort of matured a bit. We wrote Pilot about two years ago, three years ago, like I said late 2009/early 2010. So it’s been a long time, we’ve moved on to different music styles that we’re listening to, and matured as people. It’s going to be different, but it’s still going to be Mallory. That’s what I can say.

HUNOW: If you could do a song with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

Mikey: Oh man, that’s so hard. I don’t know. As a band we all have different answers to this. I think for me, it would be a mash up of Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, and Hayley Williams from Paramore. That would be my ultimate collab. That would be amazing. So yeah, don’t think we could organise that, but yeah that would be it.

HUNOW: When you’re doing a set, which song do you most like to play?

Mikey: Um, I think now that it’s come out, I think Death Rattle is my favourite, it’s got a nice little swag to it and it’s quite fun to play, so I think that’s becoming my favourite, definitely.

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