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An Interview with Jingo

Jingo BandFirst rule of this interview, Jingo are a smashing band that you need to hear. Second rule of this interview, Jingo are a smashing band that you need to hear… ”Ah come on!” I hear you say, “I’ve heard this kind of talk about new, hot bands all before.”  Well, yes you probably have, but this band are something a little different, this band are more than a little special, for here is the proof, this band supported Graham Coxon from Blur on their very first gig.  Your curious now aren’t you?  So read on and see us talk through the big issues like “what exactly would be on your dream rider?”

HUNOW: Tell us a random fact about Jingo?

Jack – Sahil is proud of being allergic to aubergines

Sahil – Only one of us is unmarried

Joe –  One of us is scared to death of bigfoot

Katie – We all have matching tattoos on our bums

HUNOW: Which of your songs best sums the band’s sound up?

Jack – For me, out of the 6 songs currently online it would have to be either 1Q84 or Jaclyn. Having said that, it’s hard to pick only one or two as we tend to vary the style of our songs a lot. You’ll see what I mean when the new recordings come out. As long as it has a healthy dose of our own vital ingredients (classified) and a truck load of energy injected into it then a Jingo song can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Katie –  Though you will have to wait to hear it, the song we have just written, “When You Want Me”, is my favourite to date and exemplifies our growing ability to jam a song into being.  We smashed our heads together and by playing to our strengths, out popped one tonk tune, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

HUNOW: How did the band first get together?

Jack – It was fairly effortless and came together very organically. Katie and myself are married and have been playing/writing music for years but never in a band or under a name for fear of butting heads too much. I actually met Katie in Brooklyn when I was out there with our current drummer, Joe. We spent 6 months living amongst the vibrant DIY Bushwick music scene in the summer of 2010 with our old band and Katie was very much a part of that scene. After many different line ups, my old band broke up and with Katie having moved to London, we decided to have a go at it. It actually worked out surprisingly well and without any immediate threat of a divorce. Getting Joe in was a no brainer as we three already got along so well and had a deep-rooted musical understanding. Our newest member, Sahil, who plays Bass, Keys and sings was frequently coming to the open mic night we run in our rehearsal space in Limehouse. He impressed us so much in his moments of funky improvisation that we asked him to join the band and that was that.

HUNOW: What is the best thing about being in Jingo?

"I can wear a mustachio with sincerity and it is taken as art.   And the chicks, they love it" Katie

“I can wear a mustachio with sincerity and it is taken as art. And the chicks, they love it” Katie

Jack – Probably the openness and impartiality we have during the creation process. We’re all willing to take on any suggestion another member may have and give it a go. Of course we have a method and some people have certain roles but there are no limits, no rules and no guidelines we have to follow. We also have a mutual thirst for keeping new material rolling out which keeps it fresh and exciting.Sahil – Everyone loves beer

Joe – The money and the bitches, of course

Katie – I can wear a mustachio with sincerity and it is taken as art.   And the chicks, they love it.

HUNOW: What has been the most memorable thing that has happened to you whilst you’ve been in the band?

Jack – Our first show probably. Somehow we managed to support Graham Coxon of Blur.

Sahil – . Once, I got handed an electric 4-string bass guitar and informed I was going to play it.

Joe – Probably our trip to Liverpool. We had a great show and then, well, Liverpool…..what’s not to like?

Katie – Winning the Made In Shoreditch competition was a treat.  It was one of our best performances and we had a great connection with the crowd.  Plus, as a prize we get to record where Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys did at Strongroom Studios, no biggie.

HUNOW: What is the toughest thing about being in a band?

Jack – Dealing with the misunderstanding that a lot of people have about musicians being lazy bums who can’t be bothered to get a ‘real’ job. That or not being successful enough to have roadies

Sahil – Knowing what everyone is thinking at a given moment. And being sober

Joe – Toughest thing about being in a band (when it’s not your day job) is concentrating on actually doing your day job without annoying the shit out of everyone by bashing out beats on whatever you work on

Katie – Oh, you mean like intentionally not strangling my bandmates when I kindly knit them sequin armbands and they refuse to wear them on the off-chance someone might notice their raving homosexuality.  No but seriously, knitting is tough.

HUNOW:  What would be on Jingo’s dream rider?

Jack – Laughing Cow wedges

Sahil – Does that mean a map? If so….I think the States, China, some of Europe, and some more of England itself

Joe – Dream rider would have long trail pale ale, in an out burgers and a unicorn, because you’ve got to dream the dream

Katie – A wheel of Lager, a keg of stinky cheese and a giant ball of yarn, without all the cats, and my own fucking midget, I’m not sharing mine this time!

HUNOW: What is your biggest ambition for Jingo?

Jack – To tour internationally and support ourselves financially whilst we do it, I’d be happy with that.

Sahil – To have clones of ourselves so they can network while we play music

Joe – Biggest ambition has to be playing every day and night and not having to do a shitty job.

Katie – The most important thing for me and I think for everyone is to make the best music we can possibly make.  Although, it would be nice to be rich and famous and buy that camper van my mom has always wanted, I think for me the greatest honour of all would be to play a gig on the moon with a view of the earth, supporting someone who looks an awful lot like MJ.  Do they have midgets in space?

HUNOW: Where can we find out more about you? – (The open mic night we run every Monday)

Jingo Live

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