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An Interview with Fearless Vampire Killers


Fearless Vampire Killers are a quirky rock quintet with a whole of lot creative endeavours around them. Having released their second full-length album Unbreakable Hearts in late 2014 the band that dub themselves as ‘Death Pop’ have been very busy indeed. We got together with Laurence Beveridge (vocalist and rhythm guitarist) and Drew Woolnough (bassist) to talk comics, novels, Kerrang! and some other stuff. Take a look at the full interview below. 

HUNOW: Hi guys, so the last time we spoke was at last year’s Takedown. How has the past year been for you all and what’s been the highlight?

Drew: Yeah last year was quite quiet in terms of gigging, but we got our second album out at end of last year which was thought wasn’t going to be released and that was pretty cool. People seem to like it and now this year is kicking off more. Because we released that at the end of last year this year’s already starting to look a lot more interesting.

Laurence: Yeah, last year was rubbish really. This year’s already been much better.

HUNOW: You’ve just finished touring with In This Moment, what’s been your favourite moment of the tour?

Laurence: Favourite moment was probably when we were in Milan and we found out we were going to do the Zippo Encore stage at Download and that we were going to be heading back out to Europe with Black Veil Brides as main support. That was really cool, so like we found out all this stuff, we were in Milan which is really cool, so yeah, that’s probably the best moment.

Drew: That was like a February Christmas, because all this stuff came at once and we’re used to getting bad news so we were waiting for the bad stuff to happen. Well it happen I guess in the end. Our guitar tech and our tour manager got their stuff nicked from their hotel room a couple of days later, but we think that that’s our karma because we had that great day.

Laurence: Yeah, we had one great day.

HUNOW: Kerrang! have recently named you as one of their 21 artists shaping the future of rock. What does this mean to you guys as a band?

Drew: It’s nice to be included.fkv1

Laurence: It’s very nice to be included, yeah. I mean yeah I don’t necessarily know if we’re shaping it. I think we just do what we do to survive, I don’t think it’s intentional really.

Drew: It’s not conscious. It’s kind of really cool to be included, but we’re not thinking about it as any sort of convoluted, pretentious reason. We’re just doing it because that’s the way we can get our stuff out.

Laurence: Yeah we wanted to make a social network, because that’s what we wanted to do. We didn’t do it to be like wow or whatever. Although I’m not too bothered about what they say. I like Kerrang!, I love Kerrang! But I’m not that bothered about being told by someone else that we’re doing something because I think we’re doing it anyway.

HUNOW: A couple weeks back you announced that you’d created your own comic. Can you give us a little insight into what to expect from it?

Laurence: You can expect, erm I don’t know, what can you expect?

Drew: You can expect thrills, chills and spills.

Laurence: Thrills, chills and spills! It’s going to be good. It’s kind of based on our EP which was five tracks. Each track was done by a member of the band and the comic’s based on the fourth track of that album. Yeah it’s going to be good, it’s going to be violent and scary and yeah.

Drew: Yeah it’s going to be pretty good.

HUNOW: Not only that but Laurence, you’ve written your own novel in support of your album, Militia of the Lost. How did this come about and has this style of writing always appealed to you?

Laurence: Yeah it’s something that I’ve always done. Like I always wrote stories as a kid so it’s like the whole social network thing, these are just things that we do. We shouldn’t do them because it dilutes the rest of the band, but they’re just things that we enjoy doing and you know, that’s the reason really, that’s why it came about. But yeah, it’s really cool because people like it. I’m not a good writer though, I’m like a really bad writer, but some of the ideas are quite interesting.

HUNOW: As regulars at Takedown Festival, how does it feel now that this year you’re not only headlining a stage but it’s your very own Obsidian stage?

Drew: An upgrade.

Laurence: Yeah, an upgrade. No it’s good, it’s really good. We love Takedown, because it’s just so easy.

Drew: Is this our third Takedown?

Laurence: This is our third Takedown. Yeah it’s probably the most fun festival because it’s only one day so you don’t have to stay in a tent. And it’s so easy to hang out with the other bands and it’s really easy to get drunk too. They’re the three most important things. And it’s in the South as well, so it’s always hot! Like every year it’s been hot.

HUNOW: How did you guys settle on which bands to include on your stage, as well as deciding on Dee Christopher to make an appearance? It’s not often that we see an alternative magician on a festival bill like this.

Drew: We met him on the Black Veil Brides tour.

Laurence: He was like their resident magician. He was just like in their room just showing them tricks the whole time.

Drew: Then we roped him into doing our gig at the end of last year, our Halloween show basically and we got him to do that. Him and Keir stay in touch quite a lot don’t they.

Laurence: They go out and get drunk all the time. And yeah everyone else, they’re just mates. The problem is you can’t put all of your mates on because there’s not enough room, so it was kind of hard choosing. Loads of bands I would of loved to have on, but I don’t know, I didn’t choose them really. It was like ‘Ah lets get them…’. Someone chose them, who did choose them?

Drew: I don’t know.

Laurence: Someone in Fearless Vampire Killers chose them but it wasn’t me. I think it was that red head fellow, Keir Kemp.

HUNOW: And now to wrap things up a little, what’s next for you guys and what do you hope 2015 will bring?

Laurence: Erm probably apologising to Kerrang! for slagging them off earlier. I didn’t even slag them off…fkv4

Drew: Well you’ve put slag into the word now, you’ve made it sound like you have.

Laurence: Yeah that’s what happened in House of Cards last night.

Drew: Don’t ruin House of Cards for me! We’ll probably watch House of Cards soon, because that’s now out. Other than that we’re going back out to Europe next week and then we’ve got a headline tour in May which is pretty cool.

Laurence: We’re doing Download. We’re doing the second stage at Download and then we’re probably going to release something.

Drew: Probably some music.

Laurence: I’ve heard Keir mention that we’re releasing something.

Drew: He’s trying to keep mystique. Yeah hopefully touring, new music and writing new music and all the standard boring stuff.

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