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An interview with Fabian-Storm Streames

An interview with Fabian-Storm Streames


Photo by Fabian- Storm Streames

Photo by Fabian- Storm Streames

Fabian-Storm Streames is a full-time student studying at the City of Bristol College. Although studying a few different things, he considers photography to be a great passion of his, and has the rare talent of capturing things in our world that would be otherwise missed by the untrained eye. I spoke to Fabian to find out more about how he got into photography, and the plans he has for is future work.

HUNOW: Who are you and what do you do?

F: My name is Fabian-Storm Streames. I am a full-time student at City of Bristol College, studying in A-level Photography, Computing, Film, and Business. I am a musician, programmer, and a documentary photographer

HUNOW: What made you want to study photography in the first place?

F: Believe it or not, I took photography as an A-level because I did not meet the criteria to study physics, however, I definitely feel that this benefited me. I absolutely love the lesson, and whilst many others chose it as a “Chill-out” lesson (most of which are not continuing next year as it certainly is not the case!), I saw it to be a chance to express my inner creativity in a new way.

HUNOW: Who or what are your inspirations?

F: My inspiration for photography is essentially the split-second moments that draw me back to a scene after I walk past. In these moments, I imagine the final photo before they’re even taken. I see this as an inspiration above anything else because my photography represents the social world.

Photo by Fabian- Storm Streames

Photo by Fabian- Storm Streames

HUNOW: What is the context behind your work?

F: My context behind my work is essentially bringing focus to detail otherwise missed in the world. In a way, my work freezes time when there is an opportunity to see something otherwise neglected. Take my St. Pauls photo for example; I’m sure that we both know how crowded it can get at that particular station, especially with the landmark right on top of it – yet there’s nobody there.

HUNOW: What are your hopes for the future?

F: My hopes for the future are varied, however it comes down to what I fall into, really.

Ideally, next year I would be moving back down to Falmouth to start a 3 year degree in Video Game Development. Whilst this is my priority in terms of future aims, and actively work towards it, I am open to other pathways. For instance, I make music, make computer software (as a hobby), and of course take photos as often as I can. With music and photography, I find that one has to fall into the industry (with an insane amount of luck) to ever be hailed as one of those famous photographers – commercial photography isn’t an art to me. There is no expression, and there’s rules. With the photography that I aim to do, it is an art. Art has no rules, and art is never ‘correct’. Once you learn to take photos this way, you can do whatever you want.

HUNOW: Finally, what advice could you give to anyone wanting to start out in photography?

F: My advice is to ditch the books, get out there with your camera (heck, it doesn’t even need to be a DSLR (though it does help), and capture the weird and wonderful. If you become drawn to something as you walk by, take a photo. I promise you won’t regret it.

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