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An Interview with Daydream Frenzy


Daydream Frenzy are an alt-rock band hailing from Aberdeen, spreading forth with their brand of music holding a message of hope and happiness to give their listeners something to think about and something to connect with. They’ve started taking the world by storm and are releasing their debut album this month.



HUNOW: With releasing the first single off of your debut album, which everyone is going mental for, the album release in a month and then a  tour during and after the release, you guys are having an amazing start to the year. How does it feel to be you right now?

DF: It feels really good. We’ve finally pushed ourselves in the right direction and it’s taken five years to make the best songs we can so we wanted to get them to as many people as possible. It was a natural progression to make a debut album and we feel stronger as a band. Plus we all have jobs so we can also start paying to get to places in terms of live performances too!

HUNOW: How was the experience of writing and recording your debut album? Did you feel any pressure to create something momentous or did you just try to stay focussed and create the music that you feel most passionate about?

DF: We worked with Nick Scholey who really helped get the most out of the songs. It took us a long time to fine tune every song. We didn’t actively think “right let’s make epic songs!” but we wrote songs that we thought would work really well live and songs that meant something to us lyrically – I feel that if you really mean what you’re singing about, it connects better all around. We spent a lot of time in pre-production with sample drums and guideline vocals to really get a sense of what each song was about. Trying out different ideas, adding piano, strings and stuff like that. We spent about 8 months doing that for the songs. Hamish put down the drums last so he’s like the last piece of the puzzle and a year later we have our debut!

HUNOW: Having been fairly established for a few years before, did you find it easy coming up with material for the album or did you make it a conscious effort to write entirely new songs for fans to hear?

DF: There are two songs from previous EP’s which we re-recorded, Jade’s Song and The Way You Are Now. These are songs that we love playing live and we feel we had to include them on the album as they fit perfectly with the new material eve though they are two to three years old. It was quite easy because we had so much time to think about things and organise songs/ideas. We agree on most things as a band musically so it was a really positive writing process – things fell into place well regarding ideas and lyrics.

HUNOW: How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t listened to you before?

DF: This is always a bit hard! I would say that we sound a bit like Angels & Airwaves meets Jimmy Eat World with some Twin Atlantic thrown in. Sort of alt rock/punk.

10435482_890661680945134_4663517717336542696_nHUNOW: Now for the holiest of holies, what’s your song writing procedure? Is it each of your coming together with individual ideas or more of a free-for-all input session?

DF: I (Donald) write the song structure on acoustic guitar with a vocal melody and bring it to the table in the practise room and we throw about ideas and later the song. I do the blueprint and then we all add structure and basslines and really make it come alive. Sometimes I’ll be quite firm and go “Look, I really want this particular drum part or bassline.” but then so can Fraser or Hamish regarding guitar or vocals. It’s a really fun process and I think chemistry and understanding each other is an important part of that. There’s not many egos in this band.

HUNOW: I noticed that you’ll be headlining the North Hop Festival, with it so soon after your album release it’s surely only going to propel you further. How do you feel about playing something like that, being that you’re the big name for it?

DF: Yeah it’s just after our tour and album release so it’s great! It’s something to work towards and it’s brilliant to be a part of something like that, especially in our hometown. We can’t wait!

HUNOW: Hopefully this will be just the beginning of something massive for you guys, what’s your goal gig-wise, the biggest stage you can see yourself playing on and when you aim to be there?

DF: Our ultimate goal for the band is to put on our own headline shows. In the next year though we would love to share the stage with some of the bands that have helped shape us into who we are. Twin Atlantic are up there. That’s the big goal of ours! We also really want to get across the pond to the west coast of the States. There are so many bands we love from that area and I can definitely see us playing live there soon, hopefully!

HUNOW: Scotland seems to have a talent for producing alt-rock/punk bands that stand above the rest, is there something in the water? And what made you guys choose your style of music or was it just natural for you?

DF: Again, it was a very natural path for us! We all came together and just wanted to make songs we loved – we didn’t want to be ‘just another band’ though. We wanted to make something that meant something to people. I hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious! Haha, it might be something in the water! Or possibly the lack of sun, most likely!

HUNOW: What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve had together?

DF: Playing our hometown to a sold out crowd in Downstairs is definitely up there. Set For September, Cavaliers and the opening supports really made the night memorable – it was a lot of fun! Tom DeLonge mentioned us in an interview in 2013 – he said that he liked the band so that was mind-blowing for us! We handed over a demo and never thought anything would happen.
Having our first single video put on rotation on Scuzz TV last year was big for us because we grew up watching it, so it was exciting. And also this past week having a spin on BBC Scotland is something we really wanted for quite a while so they all stand out for us!

HUNOW: What’s in the pipework for the near or far future? You’ve successfully completed an album and are embarking on a tour, what more can you do before it’s even Spring?

DF: We are looking to release our third single before April with a video if all goes to plan, and also heading down south for the Summer and hopefully wrapping up some festival slows if they’ll have us! Also, we want to head back to the studio and start work on a new release. We’re keeping the ball rolling.

HUNOW: And everyone will want to know, can we expect you in other parts of the UK soon?

DF: For sure! We will be playing around the UK as much as we can this year.

HUNOW: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

DF: Use a tuning pedal!

HUNOW: And for the readers of HOLDUPNOW, what advice would you like to give everyone?

DF: If at first you don’t succeed – perfect it, make it better and never EVER stop doing what you love.

You can pre-order their debut album, Pride And Wonder, here. It will be available on th 30th March 2015.

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