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An Interview With Blitz Kids

Blitz Kids. photo by Tina Korhonen. Oct 2012HOLDUPNOW had the chance to catch up with Blitz Kids during their busy schedule while on their Weekend Warriors tour.

HUNOW: For people who don’t know Blitz Kids, would you say there are any other bands that you’re similar to?

BK: Nobody. Not one; we are 100% unique.

HUNOW: Who are your main influences, both musically and in general life?

BK: Musically we listen to all sorts … mainly hip hop and metal. In life, we get inspired by nice views, walks on the beach and the sun.

HUNOW: Would you as a band ever alter your sound by extending yourselves towards different or even mixed genres?

BK: Yeah. We try and do that all the time anyway. It’s important to mix things up so it doesn’t get boring.

HUNOW: You’ve got a busy few months ahead, supporting Arcane Roots and Mallory Knox, how did these opportunities come about?

BK: Bands beg us to go on tour all the time because we’re such legends.

HUNOW: As you seem to be supporting a lot recently, are there any plans for a headline tour beyond the current Weekend Warrior dates?

BK: Yeah, once the album is out, we’ll head out for a bit on our own.

HUNOW: You’ve recently released Run for Cover; what feedback have you guys had from it so far?

BK: All positive so far. The new stuff is so much better than the old stuff; it’s hard for people to find a fault with it.

HUNOW: Can you announce the release date for your new album The Good Youth?

BK: January 2014 some time

HUNOW: What’s the best AND worst part of being in a band?

BK: Best is touring. But it’s also the worst. Being away from the people you love is shit. But spending all your time with your best mates on the road is fantastic.

HUNOW: What’s Blitz Kids’ biggest achievement to date?

BK: Recording the best UK rock album of the decade

HUNOW: What are the band’s hopes for the future?

BK: Just keep on playing and picking up fans along the way.

HUNOW: Who’s the prankster in Blitz Kids?

BK: We don’t really have a prankster. We all just give as good as we get.

HUNOW: If you could be any comic book character, who would you be and why?

BK: Deadpool, because he’s sick

HUNOW: Last but not least, for the readers of HOLDUPNOW, do you think there’s any advice that aspiring musicians should know, but is routinely not mentioned by a lot of other artists?

BK: Be prepared to sacrifice everything for your art.

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