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An interview with Bleed From Within


If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t need an introduction to Bleed From Within. The Glaswegian quintet have been a prominent band in the metal world for quite a while. Forming in 2005, Bleed From Within have released three albums and three EPs so far, with another album roughly half written. We took some time to speak to vocalist Scott Kennedy and guitarist Craig Gowans about the upcoming release and much more.

HUNOW: Hey guys, so you’re in the middle of your Deathwalk tour and have been playing in some pretty intimate venues. Do you prefer playing smaller venues, in comparison to the bigger stages?

Scott: Not necessarily. They are fun though. They’re probably more energetic and stuff like that, but at the same time playing a bigger venue is a completely different atmosphere and all that, which is amazing. The reason we’re doing these small shows is because it’s just an EP it’s not like a proper release so it makes sense to just do something small.bfw2

HUNOW: You’ve recently released a video for Silence Them All which gives us a glimpse behind the scenes. Whose idea was it to include this footage in the video and how come you chose to follow this route compared to filming a concept video?

Craig: It was me that introduced the idea and I was just making it up. Nah, we wanted to do something which showed the kind of whole year we had throughout the indiegogo campaign, so it’s centred around the release show in Glasgow, which was insane. Then we’ve got clips all the way through of from when we started the Indiegogo campaign and writing and then recording and then all of the gigs we played throughout the year as a kind of snapshot of our friendship.

HUNOW: As a band from Scotland, how do the crowds differ from your home country in comparison to other parts of the UK and even Europe for that matter?

Scott: We pull a lot more in Glasgow and like other places in Scotland than we do anywhere else, but definitely in the past few years since we released our latest album Uprising I’ve noticed audiences have been getting a lot bigger in England and Europe and stuff like that aswell.

HUNOW: What can we expect from the new album that’s different to your previous three?

Scott: A similar kind of thing, but we’re just focusing on writing better songs, timeless songs. We want to release songs that people are still going to listen to in 20 years time.

Craig: The last thing we want to do is write the same album all over again. We want to do something better and try and better ourselves, so if anyone’s expecting another Uprising they can forget about it, it’s going to bigger.

HUNOW: Back in 2013 you won a Golden God award for Best New Band but if you could give each of yourselves an award based on personal traits, what would they be? For example, I’d give myself the award for messiest room in the country.

Craig: Best hair in metal, I’ll take that.

Scott: Handsome. Nah I’m joking, I do not know. What would you give me [Craig]?

Craig: I don’t know. Best annoying guy in metal.

Scott: Fuck off. Probably the best drinker in metal. It’s not true but…

HUNOW: We all saw Adam D from Killswitch win big on The Price is Right, but which game show would you guys like to take part in and why?

Craig: I used to watch Deal or No Deal everyday and I quite fancy half a million, sorry quarter of a million.

Scott: I used to watch Deal or No Deal with my gran.

Craig: I probably would win it.

Scott: I’d probably say The Cube, I love that.

HUNOW: What would be your dream collaboration? Either including yourselves or just any two artists you think should pair up.

Scott: Probably if I could have Phil Anselmo and Corey Taylor singing on one of our albums it would be my biggest dream.

Craig: I just want to see Pantera live. I know it can never happen but, I’d happily watch them with Zakk Wylde on guitar – I’d take that.

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