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An Interview With Alexz Johnson

An Interview With Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson, or Alexzandra Johnson to her mother is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer as well as an actress. Her career has ranged from appearing on the Disney Channel and CTV and being nominated for three Gemini Awards all the way up to releasing two full-length records and tours. We managed to pin Alexz down to answer some questions about her musical inspirations, vinyl releases and PledgeMusic.

HUNOW: What made you stream your EP before its official release date?

ALEXZ: I believe streaming is a smart way to get your music to a broader audience… I like the idea of listeners being able to hear something before they choose to invest in it.

HUNOW: Were you not concerned that people would simply listen to your songs that way instead of buying them?

ALEXZ: Maybe if I was an artist in the 1990’s… The industry has changed so much. It only takes one person to upload my EP from iTunes to YouTube and stream it that way. Might as well be me.

HUNOW: Growing up, who was your inspiration to pursue a career in music?

ALEXZ: Vocally, Whitney Houston..  I listened to a lot of Roy Orbison, Elvis, Billy Joel and Carole King growing up. They’re writing really influenced me at a young age. At around 15 I got pretty into punk music..  AFI, Anti Flag, Rancid..  I hear a lot of pop aspects to punk music and I believe that influenced my writing a little as well.

HUNOW: Has your parents’ music taste influenced you at all?

ALEXZ: Yes! The above artists I listed above were all their records – besides the punk bands… Unfortunately.

HUNOW: What made you decide to release your EP as an independent artist?

ALEXZ: I’m an indie artist. I didn’t really have another choice.

HUNOW: By using PledgeMusic and getting your fans involved do you feel like you’re closer to them?

ALEXZ: Definitely. I like the new paradigm that’s happening with platforms like Kickstarter and Pledge Music..  it makes it possible to make music and tour.

HUNOW: You mentioned on PledgeMusic that you had written quite a lot of material, are there any songs which you especially want to put on your album?

ALEXZ: I have a lot of material… I write a lot. I have chosen the album tracks. I can’t wait to share the rest of the record!

HUNOW: Are you excited about not only releasing the album with songs but also including the photos and videos of the recording process?

ALEXZ: I like giving people an inside look at the process..

HUNOW: What’s your reasoning behind releasing the album on vinyl as well?

ALEXZ: I think vinyl has a very specific, wonderful sound. I know I appreciate it when my favourite artists release their albums on vinyl, so I figured I’d return the sentiment.

HUNOW: Do you have any tours or festivals lined up for 2014?

ALEXZ: Not as of this moment, but actively looking for something appropriate!

HUNOW: And for the readers of HOLDUPNOW, do you have any advice for beginner singer/songwriters?

ALEXZ: Keep it up. Everyday. Persistence!

Check out Alexz’s lyric video for American Dreamer.

And find out more about Alexz Johnson here:

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