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Alias – Indiiggo EP review

Indiiggo is the latest single from veteran beat-maker, Alias. The last time we heard from Alias was almost three years ago when he delivered the XLR8R podcast ahead of his 2011 LP Fever DreamThis latest EP has been released for streaming and free download ahead of his ninth studio album Pitch Black Prism on May 17th and it is a must for anyone who likes indie hip-hop or just music in general actually.


Indiiggo is what I can only describe as an auditory journey through a rain soaked forest on a cold sunny winters morning. The icy synthesizer contrasts the soft floating vocals and perfectly balanced drum beats. This all comes together to form a seemingly bleak, yet calming atmosphere. Described as being “build for headphones and hailstorms” I can say that it definitely fits the bill, “Now Listen” being my personal favourite really showcases the bleakness and icy atmosphere which is brought about from the title track. The EP ends on Rehsu Gans, a track that feels more light-hearted and warmer than the others, like moving away from a snowy winter into the gentle sunshine of a warm spring to come.

A definitive sound-scape has been created with this EP and I greatly look forward to the latest LP if this is anything to go by. Excellent production quality, brilliant minimalist beats and superb use of vocals. 4/5

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