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Album Review: Versus You – Moving On

Album Review: Versus You – Moving On

Artist: Versus You
Album: Moving On
Number of Tracks: 12
UK Release Date: 21 July 2014
Label: Bomber Music

The melodic-punk power-house that is mainland Europe is readying to deliver yet another distortion-laden offering from Luxembourg band, Versus You’s fourth studio album, Moving On, on 21 July in the UK.


01. When It All Goes Down
02. If The Camels Die, We Die
03. A Way With Words
04. On The Town
05. Be Better Than Me
06. Skinny And Distracted
07. One That Can See
08. Stay Down, Stay Strong
09. Kitchen-Sink Drama
10. 30 Pills
11. Still I Persist
12. You Are My Friend

Over the years, genres will change and incorporate more modern elements in the hope they might maintain a fresh sound. This is something, fortunately, that doesn’t appear to have quite made it across the Channel. Versus You exhibit the so-old-it’s-refreshing quality of remaining true to punk’s roots, from the marriage of buzzing guitars and emotive vocals to the rock solid work ethic.


From the first track, there’s a simple yet addictive quality as the first few bars of When It All Goes Down are thrashed out with such persistent conviction that you know what you’re getting into before you even break the first minute of the album. These infectious intros develop into equally catchy choruses as the likes of A Way With Words really showcase Versus You’s talent for melodic writing over otherwise characteristically punky instrumentals.

As with all kinds of music there will be divisions of opinion. Moving On doesn’t really stray thematically from the well-beaten track of love, life, relationships, the universe and everything, meaning those hungry for something unique may need to bypass this and continue the search.

However, the frankness with which some of the issues are addressed certainly sets this album apart from the crowd. This really shines through in 30 Pills, a track that takes on the social detachment experienced by an HIV-positive man, focusing on the frustration caused by a situation exacerbated by endless medication and societal assumptions.

This mixed bag of elation and contemplation comes to head with punk-tinged ballad, You Are My Friend. Sometimes ending on a slow track can spoil the potential bang with which the album ends but given the relentless nature of the eleven other tracks, this is easy to forgive. Instead of feeling cheated out of a big ending, Versus You allow listeners to sit back and just savour the Blink-182 of it all.

I wouldn’t necessarily use the latter as a direct comparison of style but there are elements of nostalgia that just connects the two bands musically. This is a trait that has successfully been maintained over nine years of recording and performing, a success that should see Moving On ironically allow its listeners to do anything but, as they listen to the sound of real punk values.

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