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Album Review: ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron


Artist: ScHoolBoy Q

Album: Oxymoron

Tracks: 17

Release date: 25.02.14

Label: TDE

TDE’s latest release comes in the form of ScHoolBoy Q’s Oxymoron, the latest artist to hit the ground running in terms of popularity and hype. Despite being his third album, it is actually his major label debut after two well received independent albums.

The albums opens with a strange choice - Gangsta, a hard hitting gritty rap filled with “ya-ya-ya-ya-yas” that almost sucker punch you as an opening track, this is then followed by two songs in which Q’s label mates are featured. The former song, Los Awesome featuring Jay Rock, sounds remarkably like Teach Me How to Dougie and on the latter, what stands out is Q’s witty lyricism, with lines such as “Fucking in the car service, thank me for the car pool”.

The peak of Oxymoron is the cleverly produced Hoover Street. The introduction bows down to unveil a beat that perfectly compliments Q’s rapping style, more so than any other song on the album. Again the lyricism reflects humour and sex which at some points are funny, but can get old fast. Studio is also another one of the more notable tracks, it’s well produced and is a nice downtempo track to put on in the background.

The album then begins to fade, although by the end a small part of me was glad it was all over, the lyrics become tired and dull and you begin to get the message: ScHoolboy Q is a rapper that gets sex, money and the riches thatc67bd0c61731da9682797811ed867a96 go with it. The album is plagued with annoying hooks as well which don’t give the album any extra help. On the whole Oxymoron is average, as a finished project the album isn’t memorable despite a couple of good songs, but it is certainly well produced.

The album artwork suits the album’s content well as it’s almost Grand Theft Auto looking, which some fans may find pretty cool. It features some good highlights, bright colours and of course, ladies in bikinis. The artwork was produced by ALTERPROD / ALTERBEATS and you can find more of his work here.

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