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Album Review: PS I Love You – Death Dreams (Paper Bag Records)

Following their Polaris Music Prize listed debut album, PS I Love You are set to release their next album Death Dreams in the UK on May 28th 2012.

The new release is inspired by Paul Saulniers (Vocals/guitar) reoccurring dreams about his mortality, brought on by experiencing life on the road.

It is clear that this release is not as light-hearted as debut album Meet Me At The Muster Station but the dark and raw content of death really adds to the character of the release as a whole.

The opening track Death Dreams sets the mood for the entire 11 song album. An eerie distortion fills the atmosphere as the light patter of cymbals create movement against the distorted backdrop, only to be animated by a few haunting notes played on the electric guitar.

After an impressive start, it is clear that this duo are very capable musicians. Although the pair can play their instruments well, the vocals don’t always meet the same standards. Saulniers vocals are very emotional, one may say over-emotional at parts, to the point of not being able to understand a large proportion of them.

That said one of my favourite tracks off the album is First Contact. This is a great example in which the vocals can be very well heard. This song is an opportunity to listen to the actual lyrics which are very reflective as well as emotive.

This album is quite hard to pin down, it seems to sound a little like The Darkness, just much more experimental and dark. It’s clear that the vocals depict lots of real content, for example in First Contact Saulnier sings “Do you remember first contact? 2010”, presumably due to the duos debut in 2010, this is a nice touch.

Over all this album has some very strong features, the vocals can be a little irritating and hard to understand, but the composition is very good and it’s worth watching these guys!

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