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Album Review: My Fictions – Stranger Songs

Album Review: My Fictions – Stranger Songs

Artist: My Fictions
Album: Stranger Songs
Tracks: 10
Release Date:  1 July 2014
Label: Topshelf Records

Hardcore band My Fictions have just released their first full-length album, Stranger Songs, through Topshelf Records. The band have been likened to Pg. 99, Converge and American Nightmare. Since forming in Massachusetts in 2010, the band have found success through several split releases.

The record opens with the slow and moody Mt. Misery. After an instrumental first half, the vocals join and create an incredible, heavy track. The vocal performance evokes feelings of desperation and this track is an epic, emotion fuelled opener to the album. A notable track on the album is Concern. More like a piece of art than a song, the track opens with distorted riffs which are joined halfway through the track playing a sample of a conversation between a group of men. The track is an interesting interlude during the record.

The mood immediately shifts following Concern. Wake Anxious kicks off immediately and after a slow and quiet song this really pushes the album into a new gear. A steady, heavy track with interesting rhythms that particularly highlight the talented the band members. Another highlight of the album is Contrition. One of the heaviest tracks on the album, Contrition is fast paced start to finish and highlights the screaming skill of the vocalist.

Although there are notable tracks on this album, as previously highlighted, many of the remaining tracks go by without sparking any extended interest. The talents of the band is clear from the quality and intricacy of the tracks on the album, but the contrast of their unique and interesting tracks like Concern and Mt. Misery to the less interesting tracks is quite high. Based on the qualities of the best tracks on the album, this band definitely possesses the capacity to improve and create a whole album of songs to that quality.

Stranger Songs, the début album from My Fictions is out now. For more information please visit:
Facebook | Bandcamp | Official Website

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