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Album Review: Feed The Rhino – The Sorrow and The Sound

Album Review: Feed The Rhino – The Sorrow and The Sound

Artist: Feed The Rhino
Album: The Sorrow and The Sound
Number of Tracks: 12
Release Date: 16 June 2014
Label: Siege of Amida Records

Feed The Rhino (FTR) have never followed guidelines when writing an album and fans should expect nothing different from The Sorrow and The Sound, due for release 16 June.

On the surface, they appear a hardcore band as many have categorised them in the past. However, just three tracks into the latest offering from FTR, we are reminded that such simple labelling just isn’t possible.

1. New Wave
2. Give Up
3. Behind the Pride
4. Black Horse
5. Finish the Game
6. Revelation Not Revolution
7. Set Sail For Treason
8. Deny and Offend
9. The Sorrow and The Sound
10. Bright Side of a Dark Ride
11. Keep Your Purpose Hitman
12. Another Requiem

From the outset, bombastic riffs litter the entrance to this album. It’s clear why people have called FTR a hardcore outfit before, the howling guitars sounding reminiscent of Cancer Bats’ fearsome string components.

As we push past this introductory taste, though, a hard wall of metal dashes initial impressions to pieces. Riffs remain rampant in Behind the Pride but not in the rough way that is so characteristic of hardcore and punk genres. This time the sound is fuller and a lot more unrelenting. At points this is almost to the extent of Slipknot’s Left Behind:

Don’t go thinking that this means that you’ve heard the full range now, though. Black Horse rides into view next, greeting the listener with a distorted sea of metallic cadence. These four minutes aren’t exactly calm as the chorus delivers slow but pounding percussion and caustic vocal and guitar wails. However, the overall effect creates something that lays bare a pristine ability to make really quite delicate instrumental moments.

As Feed The Rhino continues, so does the sound of a band that certainly doesn’t allow their writing hands to be guided by the puppet strings of conventional genre.

Frontman, Lee Tobin says: “I always feel that we’re outcasts. People called us a hardcore band and we are not and never will be. We’ve played metal shows at Brixton Academy and we didn’t fit the mould there. We don’t live our lives in a punk manner, starting fights and feeling like you have to act a certain way.”

feed the rhino

This lack of a word to describe this sound really is brought home by The Sorrow and The Sound as hardcore rawness, metallic pace and haunting melodies all vie for prominence. However, contrary to what the album’s title suggests, this sound is nothing over which to waste feelings of sorrow. Feed The Rhino have made something that, while brutal, certainly takes time and care over some more classic elements, both hard and soft.

This album may be the result of flouting the rules but is still quite clearly a labour of love. Check out the video for Give Up from the new album below:

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