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Album Review: Fall Out Boy – PAX.AM Days

Album Review: Fall Out Boy – PAX.AM Days

From Take This to Your Grave way back in 2003, through From Under the Cork Tree (2005), Infinity on High (2007)  and Folie A Deux (2008), all the way to Save Rock and Roll released in April 2013 – Fall Out Boy have changed and grown as a band. Embracing their Punk and Emo labels, FOB have explored and produced a number of different sounds on their albums, although all made iconic by singer Patrick Stump’s unique tone of voice.

Fans were hugely disappointed in 2009 when the band (consisting of Patrick, bassist and secondary frontman Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley) announced they were to take a break from making music.

Unsure whether Fall Out Boy would ever reform, fans only had Patrick’s solo career to look forward to. This in itself was very different to what was expected; Offering, as the title suggests, Soul Punk. He released an EP and album as a solo artist, but unfortunately many fans didn’t particularly approve of what Patrick was attempting, and so sat back and waited for the news we all wanted to hear.

Finally, the explosive anthem My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) hit the radio in January 2013, followed by the announcement that they were getting the band back together with a new album being released later in the year. Save Rock and Roll differed from the older albums as it was a lot more pop and dance oriented than the old pop punk style, but many were glad just to have anything with the FOB logo on it.

Before FOB were together as a band, the members were all part of hardcore punk outfits, and all had wishes to return to that style at some point or another. Earlier in the year, they stayed at Ryan Adams’ house, and ‘made noise’ in his studio, producing eight heavy punk tunes – Similar to those by the Sex Pistols or the Ramones. And, after high demand, the band released the new mix tape on iTunes on the 14th of October 2013, and offered those interested a look into how versatile they could be.

As with anything, people are split on whether they like it or not, but FOB are happy just to be doing what they love. They have always had fans complaining that what they produce isn’t as good as their first album, released 10 years ago, so a few more unsatisfied fans won’t put them off. Patrick especially has mentioned many a time that he does what he does because it’s what makes him happy, and if people agree and stick by him then he welcomes that encouragement with welcome arms and will continue to try to please.

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