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Album Review: Bishop Allen – Lights Out

Album Review: Bishop Allen – Lights Out

Artist: Bishop Allen
Album: Lights Out
Number of Tracks: 12
Release Date: 18 August 2014
Label: Dead Oceans

For those who have been waiting for a follow-up to Bishop Allen’s 2009 album, Grrr…, the five-year wait finally comes to an end on 18 August, thanks to Lights Out.

Easy summer listening is what promises to be the theme in this, the fourth full-length studio effort from Bishop Allen, as they help wash away all the troubles induced by the first chilly, wet half of 2014. Storms and floods aside, it seems the end of summer will be saved by barbecues and parties carried out to the tune of this album.

1. Start Again
2. Why I Had To Go
3. Crows
4. No Show
5. Give It Back
6. Black Hole
7. Skeleton Key
8. Good Talk
9. Hammer and Nail
10. Bread Crumbs
11. No Conditions
12. Shadow

The band have gone further to ensure this album’s success by allowing us to “shut off any sense of responsibility” by making Lights Out simply easy to listen to as the weight of having to decipher complex lyrics, messages and melodies is lifted from the listener’s shoulders.

For those who want a sneak preview of just how great this will feel, the initial track to Lights OutStart Again, is available for all to sample:

The words ‘infectious’ and ‘catchy’ certainly apply to it. Overall, this does create a rather generically uplifting tune, but uplifting all the same. There’s a distinct contrast between synthetic and organic sound throughout, although nothing really manages to stand out as a prominent feature. Even the vocals blend themselves with the floating hum that the track becomes as its elements intertwine and move.

This gentle motion will certainly make it the track that people put on in the background at barbecues. There is no denying that it will serve the purpose well but some may feel uncomfortable with the fact that this seems to be as far as the duties of the whole album might reach.

There’s no doubt that many people will still want to have what is sure to be very a listenable album as part of their collection but Lights Out still has the potential to be an eyebrow-raisingly simplistic effort after three preceding full-length albums and a ten-year career from Bishop Allen.

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