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Album Review: Alias – Pitch Black Prism

Album Review: Alias – Pitch Black Prism

Artist: Alias
Album: Pitch Black Prism
Tracks: 13
Release Date: 17th May 2014

After a fantastic EP earlier this year following an almost 3 year drought, Alias returns with his ninth studio album Pitch Black Prism. Having already reviewed the EP Indiiggo I was extremely excited to hear the whole album and see what Alias had in store for us, I wasn’t disappointed.

Combining vocal collaborations, eerie atmospheric beats and icy leads creates a relaxed yet seemingly malevolent atmosphere that flows through every song on the album. Each note feels somehow more dramatic and connects effortlessly with the next. The occasional vocal adds depth and character to a rather sparse sound-scape. My favourite track on the album, Crimson Across It, features vocals from label mate, Doseone, having never previously heard anything from him I didn’t know what to expect but the unique style and tone of his voice fits perfectly and lends an almost sinister vibe to the track.

Amethyst Afternoon is another fantastic track. It’s a 3 and a half-minute slow ride on a gentle boat through a glacial cavern. The echo and sparse beats continues the bleak atmosphere that reverberates through this LP and without adding too much to the track Alias brilliantly creates something full and blissful with very little sound. It’s something akin to genius what he is able to do with just a few tracks per song.

alias_030714The title track, Pitch Black Prism, is more eclectic in its sound. The lead being a somewhat Nintendo-esqe off-beat tune with the familiar cold percussion and a haunting vocal style rhythm floating through. It’s another eerie track but reassuring with a sense of calm still. A perfectly chosen title track that showcases everything he has that showcases everything he has to offer and, for me, brings the often more subversive genre of IDM to a wider audience with a little something for everyone.

Picking any one favourite from this album is difficult, each track connects brilliantly and each one is a stand-out in its own right. Alias has created something truly definitive with this LP, it has the atmosphere in ship loads and yet leaves the listener with a sense of calm, as if you now feel like everything will be alright. The best way I could think of to describe it is like gentle rain in autumn, icy at first but it reminds you of the warmth around you.

4.5/5 I would highly recommend this LP to everyone. No matter what genre of music you listen to, you’ll find something to enjoy with it.

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