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A Strangers Birthday Party

So today was a slightly strange day. My two friends and I were wandering along when a young woman stopped us.

“Hey, are you guys busy right now?” The woman exclaimed as I and my friends decided to hear more. This lady went on to explain that it was her friend’s birthday party and we should come along.

Of course this is a fairly unusual request – strangers, coming to a birthday party? How peculiar I thought. It turns out that the birthday boy was Dan Breeze and two of his best friends couldn’t attend his 19th birthday last week and so a party was thrown for him., and everyone was invited

This was not just any party though. It was retro, a walk back to the childhood we all may love and miss to some extent. It began with music chairs, this was extremely unusual but went down a treat. Not only were people partaking, but also thoroughly enjoying it. There was a group of live musicians who played the soundtrack to all of the games, and they got the entire room moving.

It was a very close game and the birthday boy faced Jake Arthur Garrett in the final of musical chairs. It seems as though luck was on his side, as he took the title of ‘Winner of musical chairs’.

A brief interlude passed, with classic drinks being poured such as cherry and orange fizzy drinks. The cake was cut and it was very tasty.

After this energetic game of musical chairs it was time to play musical statues. I’m not going to lie, I fully partook in this and won. It was a laugh from the start of the gathering and the fun was only continuing.

A glorious happy birthday was sung by strangers for a stranger, and so this novel, yet-wonderful event came to a close.

What’s the strangest thing your friends have done for your birthday? Have you ever been invited to a random event?  Get involved and comment to your heart’s content!

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