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A quick hello from Charlotte Hemingway


Blogging provides a great output for a budding journalist, we dont have to fall to our hands and knees and beg the big executive editor that we actually have something valuble and entertaining to say. Now the reader becomes the editor.

I hope my words will entertain and amuse. Silence haunts me so I am constantly filling my time up with music and film, I plan to introduce you to music that will tickle your curiosity and films that will open your eyes to new worlds.


I have no particular genre that I follow, my only preference is searching for the less known. Admittedly I am a little rusty on my metal and my pop knowledge could do with a refresher course, other than that my ears are open to music from all walks of life.


I’m a horror nut in search for a film that actually makes me jump, the Spanish Rec series coming closest to date. I love British film and I’m proud of the classics we have  produced, that doesn’t however, mean I’m adverst to looking across the pond for inspiration.

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