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Takedown Festival 2014: Chasing Cadence

Takedown Festival 2014: Chasing Cadence

The way that I came to see Chasing Cadence at Takedown Festival happened quite by accident. I was walking around the festival at Southampton’s Student Union when I met two of the band members. I had never heard of them before the festival, but I thought that I would give them a listen after talking to them.

The moment they began their set, lead vocalist Jack Harris began to jump around the stage, a common factor of all the bands playing at Takedown Festival. This gave them a large stage presence, allowing them to fill the relatively small stage. It was clear to see that they were a band with nothing to lose and everything to gain, as he put his own safety at risk, dancing around the wire-filled stage. As well as the vocalist, the other band members were not letting the small stage deter them and were also joining in with Harris and jumping around the stage whilst playing.

As you can see from the video above, the guitarist and drummer worked as well together on the stage as they do in the studio. The syncopation between musicians is one of the factors that makes a great live band, Chasing Cadence were just that. Their energy was keeping the crowd on tenterhooks as each song they played was as frenetic as the last, and they excelled at keeping the crowd’s excitement levels high even though it had been a long music-filled day for everyone.

One of their songs A Sight for Sore Eyes was a calm number for the set, compared to the songs they’d been playing. It seems to have been a recurring theme for the festival, and each band appreciated the need for light relief during their intense shows. In addition to utilizing this strategic relief, Chasing Cadence were also masters at deceptive beginnings, starting calm and gentle, and then dropping an unexpected tempo change to catch the audience off-guard.

A few songs later, Jack Harris was back to his antics, and jumped off the stage and deep into the crowd, mic in hand. This led to me witnessing my very first ‘wall of death’, which then led to me finding myself covered in alcohol and water.

I would recommend Chasing Cadence to anyone and everyone, they are one of  the most convenient bands I have ever accidentally seen. Take a listen to Young to see if Chasing Cadence are on your to-see list.

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