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EP Review: Mikill Pane – The Lucky Strike

EP Review: Mikill Pane – The Lucky Strike

Artist: Mikill Pane
EP: The Lucky Strike EP
Release Date: 12/04/2013
Tracks: 4

Justin Smith Uzomba, or better known to some as Mikill Pane is a Mercury-signed British rapper from Hackney, London. Since his origins in 2005, he has been steadily releasing music from EP’s to singles, to collaborations with a variety of artist such as Ed Sheeran, Jakwob, Paloma Faith, Example and even Katie Price, although he may best be known for his collaboration with Ed Sheeran; Little LadyPane released his free EP ‘The Lucky Strike‘ on CD on the 12th and as a download on the 14th and features work with Steel Banglez and introductions by George the Poet, a spoken-word artist from North London. You can access the free download via his Facebook page.

If you’ve listened to Mikill before then you’ll know that he’s not an artist to repeat himself stylistically, and every one of his releases has been different from the ones before and you can guarantee that they’ll be different from anything to come in the future. This of course has it’s up and down side. Whichever side of Mikill you prefer, one thing for sure is that he will turn heads on the release of his début album: Blame Miss Barclay, due sometime in the next few months. The only thing we know about Blame Miss Barclay so far is that Pane announced that True Tiger have produced a song entitle Roll On for the album.

Flashing back to the present for a moment, Mikill Pane’s latest EP is a true showcase of everything that makes Pane a talented and exceptional rap hip-hop artist. His lyrics flow so smoothly that I see no reason why he couldn’t have released the EP a capella and have it just as poignant as without the music. However, it is that music which seeks to make The Lucky Strike as catchy as it is. The release features more stereotypically ‘hip-hop’ beats compared to some of his other songs, so if you’ve heard of Mikill Pane before but wished that his music evolved into something that would be easier to dance to, then you may have your wish.

One of my favourite aspects of Pane’s music, and on the tracks on the The Lucky Strike EP is the calibre of intelligence in his lyrics. I challenge you to find another underground MC or even a mainstream rapper that writes lyrics more eloquently and is able to tell the stories of everyday people and make the listener taciturn when they really listen. 

I have seldom found negatives about Mikill Pane’s music but one ever-present factor that I just can’t put out of my mind is his attitude. It’s true enough that whenever a vain and pretentious musician turns up, it’s not long before they pop back down because no one appreciates a narcissist. Mikill is one of those individuals that always seems to be humble and down-to-earth irrespective of how much success he may come across. Deep down I can’t help but wonder how far Pane would go if he took himself a little more seriously. However, his song Andy Warhol probably puts an end to all of my mind’s meandering.

I couldn’t recommend the Lucky Strike any more passionately, I listen to a lot of music, and a lot of kinds of music, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time where Mikill Pane has released something that hasn’t made me want to dance like a complete white man in my kitchen. Check this out and see if you can resist.


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