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Everything In-between


You get Fall you get Spring and then you get everything in-between. What makes Pre-Fall that much more understandable and realistically consumable is how it appears just that little more paired down and a lot simpler. The pieces designers offer are more real and approachable.Perhaps the reason being that, taken from the ready-to-wear runway scene, the clothes don’t need that added something; the clothes speak for themselves and more importantly speak to customers.

These clothes might possibly say if they could speak, these are clothes for the street and everyday life. With a price tag that’s notched down just slightly from a labels runway line they seem to be for everyone and everything. Before designers put their Pre-Fall 2014 lines out this year there is still more attention and praise due when looking back at Pre-Fall 2013.It’s hard to move on when someone makes something so delectable and irresistibly enticing that it pulls you back, and yes I’m talking about clothes.

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There are those who do it best and those who do it better.  The designers that seem to have the winning formula are providing clothes that excel expectations and defy any doubts that people may have about their capability. Doubts that turn to questions and hopes from these designers’ audience and customers whilst they wait between seasons in the ponderous hope that they will be offered something better and more believable.

Whether it’s Derek Lam’s camel capes, Chloe’s silk blouses or Burberry’s rose crepe dresses that you choose, simply for the reason that they seem like the most adaptable pieces;there are still more choices if they don’t seem like the most intelligently appropriate Pre-Fall purchase for you. Celine and Balenciaga offer a more subtle luxury for their customers, losing some of their exuberance and richness and appearing a lot more dissectible. The pieces become more understandable , whether it’s a navy blue buttoned down jacket or three quarter length pleated skirts in leather or tweed you still get the sense that Phoebe Philo at Celine and Alexander Wang at Balenciaga know how to dress it down for their customer that likes to dress up.


Proenza Schouler provided even more ‘real’ clothes with graphic black and white motif trousers and bias cut wrap dresses. This teamed with their signature boxy jackets in leather or something more exotic like ostrich skin made for an even cooler collection that stayed true to the Schouler message but offered something a lot more down to earth for their customer. Someone who never stops delivering nothing but realistic clothes for modern working women in the real world is Stella McCartney. For Pre-Fall McCartney paired back even further, the details came in jacquards and stripes with colour blocking in a calm red and even gentler teal.

Where Derek Lam left, Narcisco Rodriguez picked up. Sleeveless stretchy shift dresses and chunky colour blocked knits were the more successful part of the collection and were offered in droves of different colours and textures. Cropped trousers balanced with silk crepe jackets added a touch of the familiar but that was soon jolted when a leather t-shirt with hip slung tapered pants came into the mix, so perfect for the street and real women in real life.

It might come between two big seasons that command the attention but Pre-Fall drives the sales higher and is fast becoming the most powerful part of a designers schedule in fashion; it may too be the only chance for customers to really cut a slice of fashions most expensive pie.

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