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Featured Artist: Cameron Micallef

I am Cameron Micallef. I am a Digital Artist, Designer and Creative thinker. I create image manipulations, websites and I am even getting into app design and coding! I love anything that is atmospheric, visually exciting and technologically brilliant. I am a Plymouth University student and I am studying Digital Art and Technology (basically anything creative with a computer). I have been creating image mani ...

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Donal Doherty – International Wedding Photographer: Love is Alive and Kicking

Love is "alive and kicking" according to international wedding photographer – Donal Doherty. Doherty isn’t your typical wedding photographer and his story isn’t a common one. Based in Londonderry, Ireland, Doherty was originally a man of business. He had just been short-listed as Entrepreneur of the Year, running both a modelling and public relations marketing agency before flying away and changing his life ...

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Donal Doherty: A Professional Insight Into Photography

Recently international wedding photographer Donal Doherty agreed to give an insight into his own photographic procedure. Below you will find Doherty' exclusive tips for all photographers. holdupnow: Digital or film - which do you prefer and why? Donal Doherty: I have always used digital, apart from once in my City and Guilds course when I had to use film. With digital I like being able to review an image on ...

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