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News: The Bristol Festival of Photography

[caption id="attachment_9497" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photograph from 2012's Festival; 'Close Shave' by Sarah Macfarlane[/caption] If you haven't heard about it yet, you'll be hearing about it soon; the brilliant Bristol Festival of Photography is returning to our wonderful city. Starting in May and spanning the whole sunny month, Bristol will come to life with photographs mounted in every possible s ...

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‘The World Through My Eyes’ – An Interview With Gary Copland

Walking the streets of various cities and countryside there are times when you come across something you didn’t expect to see, something that sticks in your mind and you’re never quite sure why but you don’t mind it being there. As well as fashion and family photography, Gary Copland, a Bristol based photographer, captures these little moments and turns them into art. I had the opportunity to catch up with ...

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An interview with Wayne Godwinreid

Wayne Godwinreid is a Bristol based photographer who specialises in photographing weddings and stunning landscapes across the world. His striking and unique work stands out against the stiff-collared side of traditional wedding photography, and I caught up with him to talk about his travels, white dresses and his special love for bicycles. HUNOW: Hi Wayne, tells us a bit about what you do: WAYNE: I'm a Bris ...

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St. Paul’s Darkrooms – One of the Best in the UK

Just a short walk into St. Paul’s stands a three-story building containing one of Bristol’s best kept assets. The St. Paul’s community centre is home to the country’s best public access darkroom. Sessions which are held by Chris Waller, who has been involved in photography for thirty years,  allow the local community to not only develop their own photos, but also experience archaic methods of developing pho ...

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High Hopes – An Interview with Hester Brodie

[caption id="attachment_9331" align="aligncenter" width="481"] Hester Brodie[/caption] Photography can often be used to tackle or reflect the mundane and the ordinary into something more powerful and compelling. Hester Brodie is no stranger to this technique, and over the course of time has used her past to create a collection of striking photo essays. Brodie is Bristol based, and had a collection of her st ...

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