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An interview with Fabian-Storm Streames

  [caption id="attachment_10919" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo by Fabian- Storm Streames[/caption] Fabian-Storm Streames is a full-time student studying at the City of Bristol College. Although studying a few different things, he considers photography to be a great passion of his, and has the rare talent of capturing things in our world that would be otherwise missed by the untrained eye. I sp ...

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An interview with Mark Simmons

Mark Simmons is an experienced Bristol based photographer who specialises in all manner of things, from creative documentary photography to striking black and white photojournalism pieces. Having been in the business for a while, he's an excellent person to talk to about this powerful medium, and I caught up with him to find out more about how he got into photography, and the experiences he's had along the ...

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An Interview with Second Look

Second Look is a well established photographic society that was founded in 2008. Set up and run by volunteers, they specialise in creative photography and promote this worthy cause through setting up photography showcases that run all over this culturally rich city. Their aim is to promote the profile of photography as an art form and they give photographers throughout Bristol not only workspaces to establi ...

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An interview with Nicholas Pomeroy

  Photo by Nicholas Pomeroy Nicholas Pomeroy is a 24 year old photographer who is based in West London. His style of capturing in-the-moment photographs developed from inspirations in his younger years to snatching snippets of reality out and about with his friends. Perfectly encompassing the joy associated with imagery and emotion, Nicholas told me a little more about his work, and why it's so importa ...

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Interrupted Landscapes & Curious Continuous

Photo by Miri Stevens If you're looking for some fresh new photography to check out in Bristol, look no further than Photographique. Situated on the idealistic Clare Street in the Old City, they are currently playing host to a new exhibition. The exhibition, hosted by Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson and Miri Stevens, features stunning abstract documentary photographs. Interrupted Landscapes was created by Amanda i ...

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