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Modern Primate: Real Men Say Something

[youtube] This week I have been mostly: feeling grateful for Chris Menning of Modern Primate’s brand of dialectic. Unfortunately he doesn't publish on the Modern Primate blog any more, but you can still find him and his work via his Twitter: @straythenomad. He has a lot to say, both light-hearted and serious. Perfectly exempilfied in Modern Primate's strap-line: 't ...

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Navigating a Culture of Sexual Objectification

Navigating a culture of sexual objectification is something 52% of the population must do, daily. In fact, it’s something 100% of the population must do daily, but 48% (probably) don’t internalise it as self-image. Although…I’m sure there are tribes that never see any mainstream media, and people who don’t leave their houses or have a television or have the internet…. I promise I’m trying, Inclusion and Acc ...

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Trending – Transparent Clutch Bag

With everyone getting excited about the brighter days of spring and summer and the new fashion trends that come with them, it’s easy to overlook the accessories that accompany an outfit to give it that extra something. However, one piece that has been making appearances and is pretty hard to overlook is the transparent clutch bag. As we saw last year in the S/S 2013 collections, sheer and mesh pieces will h ...

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