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An interview with The Capture Effect

  The Capture Effect (TCE) are a London-based quintet with lots of ambition. The electronic-infused rock band aren't afraid to tackle controversial topics in their songs such as the London riots of 2011 and aren't planning on stopping any time in the near future. The Capture Effect are set to release their new EP Frequencies on the 23rd March 2015 via Free Radio. We got in touch the guys to find out mo ...

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An interview with Blood Youth

You may have heard of melodic hardcore band Climates breaking up, but have you heard of Blood Youth? Following the death of Climates, all of the band, barring the vocalist have continued to create music under the new moniker, Blood Youth, featuring Kaya Tarsus as the new vocalist. Having finished recording their new EP just days before their debut live performance at Takedown Festival 2015, we spoke to Kaya ...

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An Interview with Fearless Vampire Killers

Fearless Vampire Killers are a quirky rock quintet with a whole of lot creative endeavours around them. Having released their second full-length album Unbreakable Hearts in late 2014 the band that dub themselves as 'Death Pop' have been very busy indeed. We got together with Laurence Beveridge (vocalist and rhythm guitarist) and Drew Woolnough (bassist) to talk comics, novels, Kerrang! and some other stuff. ...

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An interview with Bleed From Within

If you're reading this, chances are you don't need an introduction to Bleed From Within. The Glaswegian quintet have been a prominent band in the metal world for quite a while. Forming in 2005, Bleed From Within have released three albums and three EPs so far, with another album roughly half written. We took some time to speak to vocalist Scott Kennedy and guitarist Craig Gowans about the upcoming release a ...

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An interview with Heart of a Coward

 At Takedown Festival 2015 we met up with Heart Of A Coward's very own Jamie Graham (vocals) and Steve Haycock (guitar). Heart Of A Coward's last album, Severence, was released in 2013 and the Milton Keynes metal band have continued catch the attention of fans all over the world since. We found out what's next for the guys and much more in our chat with them, which you can read below. HUNOW: Hey! So you’ve ...

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