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An Interview with Nordmann

Ghent band Nordmann aren't your usual group of musicians. Fusing together jazz and rock of all varieties, this four piece have developed a following hungry for some experimentation. Having recently released their full-length Alarm! we decided to find out a bit more about the guys. HUNOW: Congratulations on your new album Alarm!  How long has it taken you to complete the record? N: Thank you. We started work ...

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An Interview With Stoneghost

Stoneghost are a hugely promising metal band coming out of London, England. Having recently signed a deal with Mascot Label Group and a new album titled New Age of Old Ways available from April 6th, this is a fantastic point in time for them. We interviewed the band to get some more information: HUNOW: You’ve discussed in previous interviews how Faceless Ghost was about you facing your fears in the build up ...

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An Interview with Create To Inspire

Melodic hardcore, emotional hardcore, posivibes or party bro metal - Create To Inspire are a band on the up. At the start of this month we had a chat with Sean Midson (vocalist) and Luke Taylor (drums) at Takedown Festival 2015 about the band's highs, lows and much more. Check it out below. HUNOW: How had 2015 been for you guys so far? Sean: Really good. Well some of it was good, we played our first show of ...

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An Interview with Chaos Delivery Machine

Chaos Delivery Machine are a punk band hailing from Hermosa Beach, California. After releasing their debut album in 2005 the band are back with their new full-length Burn Motherfucker Burn which is due for release on 05.05.15 through Hardline Entertainment. We interviewed the guys to find out more.  HUNOW: So 10 years after the release of Manifesto, you are back with a new album titled Burn Motherfucker Bur ...

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An Interview with Moose Blood

Moose Blood are an emo band from Canterbury, England that have a reputation for being honest and raw in true emo fashion. Having caught up with Eddy Brewerton (vocals and guitar) and Mark Osborn (backing vocals and guitar) it's clear that these guys are all about the music. Moose Blood are humble and hard-working. Read our interview with them below:  HUNOW: How has 2015 been treating you so far? Eddy: It’s ...

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